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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

Ambitious Goals

We want to be a company that is sustainable to the core, contributing to making (y)our world a better place. Therefore, we set ambitious goals each and every year and check our progress at regular intervals. We continue to work on goals that we have not achieved, just as we continue to work on all other issues that VAUDE would like to make progress on.

A look back at the events of 2022

Once again in 2022, VAUDE made significant progress with regard to sustainability and we have taken some important steps forward.

Corporate goals that are directly related to sustainability are published in our report. We do not publish our economic goals for competitive reasons.

VAUDE company vision

This is our conviction: we will continue to work on taking holistic responsibility and reducing our environmental footprint.

Our vision is:
“Improving the quality of life with sustainable outdoor products and future oriented business strategies.”

You can find out more about VAUDE's sustainability strategy here.

Meeting this high standard that we have set for ourselves presents us with new challenges time and again. We are facing up to these challenges and tackling them head on. More at – Our Challenges

We also listen to and consider the comprehensive feedback that our stakeholders give us. We are proactive in analyzing our strategies with regard to their concerns and examine how we can improve both our CSR services and our communication. Read more at – "Involving Stakeholders".

Systematic management approach and measurement of goal achievement

We continually and consistently measure our sustainability performance. Our goals are defined with specific target figures and timeframes. Regular analysis of how well we are reaching our goals ensures that the iterative process continues to develop and improve. 

More about this here

As we are analyzing our goals, we use the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) method. This means that we carefully identify specific measures for achieving our goals. (»SMART«) After one or more measures for achieving the goal have been implemented ("do"), the procedure and the target values ("check") are always reviewed. Action includes reviewing the results, which are then included in future objectives, target figures and measures (“act”). This ensures the achievement of a systematic, continuous, improvement process.

Implementation based on the plan-do-check-act principle

Implementation of the VAUDE energy management with the plan-do-check-act principle

Read more about VAUDE energy management here

Our Strategy papier 2022

1. We are strengthening the VAUDE brand and the development of sustainable, innovative products.

We are securing our sustainable, pioneering position by investing in innovation, setting ambitious goals for transitioning to recycled and biobased materials. To maximize the potential of our brand, we are continuing to focus on high-quality products for specialists, while strengthening both our range of versatile products and our urban sector. In addition, we are supporting our brand perception by rejuvenating targeted communications and certain segments of our collection.

2. As an outdoor sports brand, we are pursuing sustainable growth by balancing our economic, environmental and social goals as well as maintaining a healthy balance of multiple revenue streams

We are investing in our Made in Germany production and in the expansion of our European markets. In order to achieve continuous growth with as few resources as possible, we are striving for sustainable quality leadership and are expanding our services with the Sustainability Academy. We are committed to a transformation of the economic system.

3. We work in partnership with our specialist retailers.

We support omnichannel retailing, the optimization of floor-space management, and the development of useful services to support the sales process (including a holistic training concept).

4. We are an attractive and responsible employer.

Our company culture is the heart of our brand; we promote a culture of trust, self-efficacy and diversity. We work continuously to offer modern and attractive working conditions as well as professional and personal development opportunities.

5. To be economically fit for the future, we are strengthening our earning power through greater efficiency and investments in growth areas.

We want to become less dependent on seasonal sales, volatile key customers, fluctuations in the dollar, concentration processes in the industry and climate change. We are improving our profits and cost structures through increased efficiency. We are exploring automation in manufacturing, logistics and our repair shop.

6.We are strategically focused on our supply chain.

In order to master the challenges of sustainability and the future viability of our supply chain, we are working intensively on the transparency and ongoing development of our supply chain with regard to environmental and social responsibility as well as quality.

7. We are strategically focused on internationalization.

We are continuing to develop organizational structures for the needs of our international key markets and are focusing on Europe.

8. We design IT that is fit for the future.
We are introducing digitalized, future-proof business management software that features standardized and efficient processes. The successful implementation of our largest project to date, Expedition 2020, has top priority and full support from management, the HR team and staff.

9.We are strategically focused on digital transformation.

Our interdisciplinary team is well connected and analyzes trends with expertise in order to design a future-oriented digitalization strategy for VAUDE. To expand our business model, we are developing a strategy for digital services with a focus on sustainability and expanding our end customer base.

10. We are professionalizing our contact with consumers and our knowledge of their needs. We strive for an individualized customer approach (B2C and B2B) that focuses on the perspective and enthusiasm of our customers.

To this end, we are focusing strategically on our customer service expertise and making conscious use of methodologies such as Design Thinking Processes. To improve our access to consumers, we are seizing opportunities offered by digital marketplaces and developing an end-customer data strategy.

Overview of our strategical measures

Strategic Measure Target 2022 Actual 2022 Outlook 2023 Link in CSR Report
Use automation possibilities to increase efficiency. Check automation in the Manufactory and develop a concept Future allocations of concept studies planned Several concept studies have been prepared. Tendering and commissioning of an automation solution for several embossing and welding processes has taken place. Delivery and commissioning of the plant ordered in 2022 will take place in Q4/23. Tendering for a future automation solution is planned.
Development of a sustainable IT structure and software application concept Final stabilization of the processes Processes affected by new ERP system were stabilized Follow-up project to determine the digital maturity of the organization has been set up
Digitalization of product development Implementation of first garments in 3D with the involvement of technology and product management as well as selected producers. Initial pilots were developed in 3D, involving engineering and product management as well as selected producers. Improve processes and tools to continue 3D development and roll it out to more items in apparel.
EBIT margin increase 4,50% 4,60% 3,00%
Increase in equity ratio and reduction in debt ratio Equity ratio: 52.2 % / Debt-equity / ratio: 2.5 Equity ratio: 50.0% / Debt-equity ratio: 2.9 Equity ratio: 46.6 / Debt-equity ratio: 3.9
Increase sales of the market divisions 10,00% 13,00% 3,60%
Ensure and continuously increase employee satisfaction Repeating the comprehensive employee survey to monitor the development of various aspects of employee satisfaction The employee survey was not repeated in the same form in 2022. Feedback on employee satisfaction and concerns was received via the employee representatives and in various dialog formats. We are working intensively in several projects to promote satisfaction. The work of our "culture board" is particularly strong in promoting a sense of teamwork and solidarity among all employees and communicating appreciation. Other measures include the further development of our company cafeteria and targeted, needs-oriented improvements to working conditions in individual areas. Create additional platforms for all employees to meet, create opportunities for employees to have their say and help shape the organization; explore a new way of systematically recording employee satisfaction and concerns that may be appropriate in terms of time and needs.
Promoting diversity and equal opportunities Continue focus on fair distribution of development and career opportunities at VAUDE In hiring and promotion processes, fairness to diverse groups has always been carefully considered, so our workforce is composed of men and women of diverse nationalities and shows good distribution across the age spectrum of working adults. In addition, increased focus on fair development opportunities for employees of different job types, e.g., from both the industrial and administrative sectors.
VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG commits to reducing absolute Scope 1 GHG emissions by 45% by 2026 compared to the base year 2019. VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG commits to reduce absolute Scope 1 GHG emissions by 45% by 2026 compared to the base year 2019. 17% less emissions than in the baseline year, in particular through conversion to an electric vehicle fleet and savings in heating energy. Continued reduction in emissions, in particular through conversion to an electric vehicle fleet
VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG commits to continue sourcing 100% electricity from renewable sources annually until 2030. VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG commits to continue sourcing 100% electricity from renewable sources annually until 2030. 100% 100%
VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG commits to reduce absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions for purchased goods and services by 50% by 2030, starting from the base year 2019. VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG commits to reduce absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions for purchased goods and services by 50% by 2030, starting from the base year 2019. 4% more emissions than in the base year due to strong company growth. Compared to the previous year 2021, 10% fewer emissions were created in Scope 3.1. Continue implementation of VAUDE climate strategy, esp. switch to recycled / biobased materials and decarbonization of the supply chain.
Strengthening circular business models (recommerce, upcycling, rent & repair...) Development of online platform: VAUDE RENT Go-Live for the rental platform 1. Stabilization & optimization of VAUDE RENT (warehouse location in Germany, optimization of shipping process, optimization of BuHa process & usability on the platform - filter for product selection & Paypal as payment option) / 2. Development of second-hand platform (re-commerce)
Further development of sustainable and social supplier management 1. Environmental issues: Participation in the EOG project on the further development of the LIeferkette Tier 2; RASUM project on corruption and bribery in the supply chain; Project on deforestation / 2. Social: Introduction of complaints mechanism; Start project "Living Wage"; Implementation of new FWF requirements / 3. Transparency: Completion and evaluation TrusTrace Pilot
Review of goal setting for 2024 onwards. / 1. Environmental issues: Energy: Support and monitoring of suppliers in the implementation of action plans from the EOG project for CO2 reduction in the supply chain; Water: Industrial Water Efficiency Improvement Project of the Taiwanese government (status-quo analysis of water consumption and development of action plan for conserving water) with 4 production sites; Corruption: development of an anti-corruption policy, possibly corruption as a topic in the next Vendor Club; Deforestation-free supply chains: master thesis / 2. Social: Complaint mechanism: introduction of complaint mechanism with pilot factory in Cambodia; Living Wages: first step towards transparency in price calculation to make share of labor costs transparent with selected producers; Implementation of new requirements of FW will be continued
Extend product life by increasing the repair rate tba tba tba
Microplastics (Textile Mission): Status-quo determination on fiber loss and test new functional textiles without fiber loss and zero waste design expand to include Microfibre Consortium. 1. set up the follow-up project / 2. application of the results from Textile Mission: promote (fleece) products with low microfiber loss in the collection; gradually remove products with high fiber loss from the collection. 1) Membership & commitment TMC (The Mircorfibre Consortium). / 2) Test procedure is integrated in the sourcing process of the fleece materials. Results serve as orientation - no "fixed" limits yet. Comparison of collected data and experience with database TMC. -> Optimization use of the test procedure, if necessary definition of limit values?! Produkte - Materialien - Mikroplastik
Achieve our Brand Material Goals (over 50% recycled and/or biobased content per product). Percentage recycled for 2022 will be clearly visible S24: 71% tba
Optimization of our packaging (product features, sales packaging, transport packaging) Preparation of roadmap for Tier 1. Further optimization of packaging - project set up for 2022 Conversion to polybags made of recycled material (HDPE) has been made for backpacks. Examination of additional optimization possibilities, e.g. through smaller folding or rolling of the products, has been carried out. Complete conversion of all polybags in all product groups to recycled material (HDPE). Implementation of polybag optimization results. Continuation of the packaging optimization roadmap.
GRI:   102-14
Statement from senior decision-maker
GRI:   103-2
Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary
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