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2021 Sustainability Report
published 2022/08/01

The VAUDE-Team

VAUDE employed 622 people in 2021. Over 90 % worked at our company headquarters in Obereisenbach. Most of our employees had open-ended employment contracts. We are happy to report that even in the turbulence of 2020 and 2021 with the Corona pandemic, we were able to maintain job stability for our employees and even expand our team.

Our workforce is growing

On the reporting date Dec. 31, 2021, 622 people worked at VAUDE (44 more than the previous year). For the purposes of this report, we include all persons with permanent or fixed-term contracts, interns, trainees, and regular and temporary employees with marginal employment (450 Euro mini-jobs). Employees on parental leave were not included. Of our employees in 2021, 396 were female and 226 male. The working hours of the total workforce corresponded to 516 full-time positions.

494 permanent employees

In 2021 (as of 31.12), VAUDE had 494 permanent employees with unlimited contracts. This refers to employees who were neither hired as part of an apprenticeship or internship, nor as seasonally limited temporary workers, nor had an employment contract limited in time for a substantial reason. Of these employees, 321 were women and 173 were men. 293 worked full-time, 201 part-time. This corresponds to a full-time equivalent of 403.

The majority are permanent employees

At VAUDE, the majority of employees have permanent contracts. No freelance or contract workers are used for essential company activities. Three people were employed as temporary employees in 2021, primarily in our Manufaktur production facility. Compared to the previous year (14 temporary employees), we were again able to hire permanent staff for a significantly higher proportion of our vacant positions. The high demand for our "Made in Germany" products and our difficulty in recruiting enough suitable employees in this area continues to be an issue. In general, we look for opportunities to employ temporary workers permanently after successful collaborations. There are no significant seasonal fluctuations in personnel at VAUDE.

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