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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

Guaranteed highest quality

VAUDE offers a two-year warranty on all products, and a five-year warranty on the "Made in Germany" Collection. But with proper care and maintenance, our products last much longer.

VAUDE products are designed for durability.

Products have the highest sustainability when they are of such high quality that they remain functional and beautiful as long as possible before you have to buy something new.

VAUDE is traditionally known for its durable products. This is sometimes jestingly referred to as a market disadvantage, simply because no one is going to buy a new product when their old favorite is still fully functional and looks good, even after ten or twenty years of use.

We are proud of the exceptional durability of our products!

We use high quality materials and the best processing technologies. Quality, durability and design are the cornerstones of our product development process. We make products that you can enjoy and rely on for years. And we're proud of it.

»At VAUDE, we work passionately on improving our products and extending their life. This is challenging, but it’s also really fun. Customers rightly expect the highest quality and therefore a long service life for their products. This is the basis of a high level of customer satisfaction.«

Bettina Roth, Head of Quality Management at VAUDE

VAUDE offers a two-year “Gewährleistung” (~ warranty) on all products and is liable for defects. The "Made in Germany" Collection and siliconized tents even have a five-year “Garantie” (~ guarantee). But of course, our products last much longer when cared for properly.

Difference between “Garantie” and “Gewährleistung”

Like the English words “guarantee” and “warranty”, the German terms "Garantie" and "Gewährleistung" play an important role in everyday business and are often confused and not used correctly. (Their meanings, however, are not identical in both languages.)

We want to shed a little light on the issue:

  • In Germany, a “Gewährleistung” is legally guaranteed to customers; a “Garantie” is offered voluntarily by manufacturers and retailers.
  • According to the “Gewährleistung”, the customer may complain about defective goods for up to 24 months.
  • Within the "Gewährleistung”, VAUDE has the right to repair goods or, if this is not possible, will issue an exchange or a credit note.
  • A “Garantie” can in no case reduce or replace the “Gewährleistung”.

VAUDE repair services increase product longevity

VAUDE and iFixit

If a product should break, it doesn't mean that its fate is sealed.

The VAUDE Repair Service fixes damage – both large and small – and replaces defective parts, prolonging the life of your VAUDE gear or apparel so you don't have to give up your favorite items. Find out more here

Find out what else you can do to maintain your VAUDE product as long as possible.

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