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2019 Sustainability Report
published 2020/08/01

VAUDE says NO to forced labor

VAUDE's position on the issue of forced labor is a clear No. We have already achieved much with our commitment to the issue. You can rely on the fact that the production of your VAUDE product did not any form of force with regard to workers.

All of our producers commit themselves to a "Saying "No" to forced labor in their production sites. The obligation is as follows:

“Forced labor and bonded labor must be forbidden. Employers may not retain original documents, wages or bonuses of the workers. In addition, the workers must be guaranteed the right to terminate the employment relationship in compliance with the statutory period of notice. Overtime shall be voluntary.“

Monitoring by independent auditors

An obligation in and of itself is not enough, of course. Therefore, all our producers are regularly monitored by independent auditors such as those from Fair Wear. This process involved carefully examining whether there were any cases of forced labor. This is verified through interviews inside and outside the production site.

  • How are workers recruited?
  • Is overtime voluntary?
  • Are the employees required to pay a depositor give their identity papers in order to commence employment?
  • Are wages paid on time? Are there cases of outstanding wage payments?
  • Are employees allowed to move around freely (breaks, leaving the factory, using the toilet)?

Results of the Fair Wear Audits

FW's reviews show that the following complaints were received in this area in 2019:

Employees were not aware that overtime is completely voluntary by contract and law and does not require any excuse or explanation to be rejected.

As a result, we entered into dialogue with our producer. All managers and employees had to be re-informed that overtime must always be voluntary.

In addition, the employees are being trained in their rights and duties as part of FW's WEP training. Overtime is one component of the training. You can find more information about the WEP training here

GRI:   409-1
Operations and suppliers at significant risk for incidents of forced or compulsory labor
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