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2019 Sustainability Report
published 2020/08/01

Responsible communication and action

We adhere to ecological principles in marketing activities and trade fairs – voluntarily and from conviction.

Eco-communication – action speaks louder than words

Here at VAUDE, environmental friendliness goes well beyond our products. Ecological principles also apply to the representation of the company and to our marketing activities. We voluntarily apply these guiding principles and have developed a code of conduct for ourselves.

Of course, we fully comply with all commercial and media rights, taking all aspects of data protection very seriously in relation to publicity, advertising, merchandising and sponsorships.

Our guiding principles create clarity

Our corporate philosophy is conveyed in compact form in our mission statement.

Our mission statement is especially important for our value-oriented corporate alignment. It was revised in 2014 and briefly and concisely presents the most important points of our philosophy.

Our "Wegweiser" Code of Conduct offers orientation

Our values - and how we live them - are the heart of VAUDE. That is why we put them in a code of conduct for our employees.

The Wegweiser is intended to serve as a guide for all of us in unclear situations, provide support for appropriate behavior and make our culture of trust tangible. This Code of Conduct extends from dealing with colleagues and business partners to advice and support for unclear situations (for example, the use of expense receipts, dealing with gifts, dealing with conflicts, etc.).

We are VAUDE

Environmental awareness in the construction of stores and trade fair stands

We have committed ourselves to designing our stores and trade fair stands in line with ecological criteria.

We do not use carpets in our trade fair booths, we rely exclusively on FSC-certified, untreated wood, use low-energy lighting options, avoid single-use items and also take sustainability into consideration in our catering decisions.

When building our trade fair stands, we pay attention to environmental compatibility

In addition, we try to use each module we build at least three times. In many cases we manage to use them much longer. Over time, our suppliers have become familiar with our requirements and many of them only offer us environmentally friendly products.

In outfitting our stores, we use natural materials exclusively such as regionally grown untreated ash wood. Linoleum and steel are also used.

Guidelines for trade fair stand construction

In 2014 we created a set of guidelines for trade fair construction that lays down binding standards of ecological criteria.

This is to provide clear rules internally, but also to put our international partners in a position to build trade fair stands to our standards.

Our guidelines for trade fair stands

Green Meetings

Our seasonal Sales Meetings in Bregenz are certified as “Green Meetings”.

They meet the criteria of the Austrian Environmental label UZ62 for "Green Meetings und Green Events".

Sponsoring and cooperation relationships

As a sustainable, innovative brand, we support only those athletes, events and partners who share our values and communicate them.

Our mission statement is presented at the beginning of the collaboration contract preamble.

Events such as the BANFF Mountain Film Festival Tour as well as strong partners such as the German Alpine Club (DAV) and the WWF help us to convey our love of nature and to create an awareness of sustainability issues.

Sustainable film and photo shoots

As a sustainable, innovative mountain sports brand, we try to keep the ecological footprint for our films and photo shoots as small as possible.

Our guidelines for film and photo shoots, for example, specify that we do not take any pictures from helicopters. If aerial views are necessary, we use electrical drones. In addition, we try to limit air travel as much as possible. Flights and car travel initiated by us to photo shoot locations are recorded and offset.

In general, we follow the "by fair means" principle for mountaineering and biking: the activities shown in our films and pictures should be “self-powered” to the greatest extent possible without artificial/ technical aids such as lifts or helicopters.

Our content should also convey respect for mankind and nature. We support responsible mountain and bike sports, as represented, for example, by the German Alpine Association (DAV) or by the German Initiative Mountain Bike (DIMB).

So, for example, our bikers do not ride off-trail through pristine natural settings, but rather stay on existing trails. They also behave respectfully toward pedestrians. Our ski tourers adhere to the recommendations of the DAV campaign "Natürlich auf Tour" and steer clear of sensitive habitats such as environmentally protected or conservation areas.

Our bikers keep to the trails

There were no violations of these regulations and voluntary codes during the reporting period.

GRI:   417-3
Incidents of non-compliance concerning marketing communications
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