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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

Promotion of health as a matter of course

From our organic canteen to a large climbing wall and holistic workplace health management – we call it “Auszeit” (time off). The health of our employees is important to us. Good health is the foundation for a fulfilling and productive life. We do a great deal to help our employees maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In a nutshell:

  • We offer events (sporting and other types) several times a week in our company health management program “Auszeit”
  • Our own climbing wall, a bike pump track and a large "Auszeit" room with sports equipment is available to all employees
  • Our workplaces are ergonomically designed and meet the latest standards.
  • Extensive options for mobile work allow health restrictions or risks to be taken into consideration
  • To strengthen mental health, we provide, among other things, professional conversation services and impulse workshops on stress management at work.
  • To strengthen mental health, we provide, among other things, professional counseling and impulse workshops on stress management at the workplace.
  • Our canteen offers freshly cooked meals in organic quality every day.
  • Our company doctor offers on-site consultation hours and detailed individual advice on health issues or problems.

Health for our employees

Only employees who are healthy and feel well can fully perform their services. Especially for us, as a company in the outdoor industry, we want to promote an appropriate way to offset desk work. We want to provide preventive support not only for the physical aspects of health and well-being, but increasingly for psychological aspects as well. We are continuously striving to make effective use of our potential as an employer in this regard and also encourage our employees in their self-determination and responsibility.

Our idyllic setting makes fitness inviting

Our fitness program takes place outdoors as often as possible. The scenery helps provide motivation.

Promoting health successfully takes teamwork

Responsibility for the coordination, control and evaluation of all measures is located in the personnel department. A group of very committed volunteer health coaches designs and organizes our sports and relaxation courses. 

There is an important point of intersection with occupational safety (Read more here ) that is also managed by Human Resources.

What was implemented in 2022?

  • Our own health coaches offered 3-4 sports courses per week including back training, functional circuit training, aerobic dance and yoga.
  • Every year, several small teams from VAUDE take part in a large regional company running event. The desire for the shared sports experience and sometimes the ambition to secure a place on the podium motivate our colleagues to train diligently, even during lunch breaks.
  • "KidD" (Strength in Stretching) sessions are a great way to switch off from the work routine during short breaks, to mobilize the whole body again and to supply it with new energy. Our health coaches regularly lead these 10-minute sessions in all areas of the company.
  • In order to provide an additional, easily accessible and effective resource to counteract mental stress, we became a corporate partner of REDEZEIT FÜR DICH gUG in 2021. We are pleased to recommend these professional listeners to our employees, who have the opportunity to talk about any issue at short notice in anonymous, empathetic and concentrated one-on-one conversations.
  • In virtual impulse workshops on the topic of "coping with stress at work," employees were able to learn additional strategies for staying mentally well balanced.
  • In late 2020 we once again conducted a holistic employee survey focusing on (mental) health. The Institut für betriebliche Gesundheitsberatung (Institute for Occupational Health Consulting) in cooperation with the Techniker Krankenkasse supported us in this endeavor. Based on the results that have been available to us since the beginning of 2021, we can confirm that our employees are very satisfied with their working conditions as well as with the available health courses.

We are continuing to supplement our portfolio with select activities led by professional instructors from our network or from our own employees, such as running courses, cross-country skiing taster sessions, swimming courses, crossfit, salsa fitness and blackroll workshops. This year and into the future, we aim to offer a selection of new programs and offer our employees a change of pace, a healthy balance to daily work, and a sense of community.


Ergonomic workspaces, organic cafeteria, climbing wall

Since 2015 we have been working in our modernized, particularly health-promoting company headquarters (see also The VAUDE Working Environment). This has provided us with a health-enhancing framework:

  • In our "Mittagsspitze" canteen, all menus are made from organic ingredients with a focus on vegetarian or vegan dishes.
  • Our impressive climbing wall offers all employees the opportunity for physical challenges.
  • Our sports room offers the best conditions for a wide range of sports activities within the framework of our company health management "Auszeit" as well as for sports activities organized by our employees themselves.
  • The nearby Obereisenbach open-air swimming pool, which VAUDE operates as a tenant, invites you to cool off in a sporty or relaxing way during your lunch break or after work.
  • The fact that we have been offering very wide-ranging options for working from home (also see: Professional and Private Life), enables our employees to be more mindful of their own health in their daily work. It is not uncommon for individual needs with relevance for mental or physical health to be taken into account even better in a work environment of one's own choosing.
  • Our computer workspaces were ergonomically designed with height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs.

More about it

Climbing at the workplace

Employees can work on their dexterity, strength, endurance and team spirit on our climbing wall in the entrance area of the company headquarters.

Bike commuting:

VAUDE has long been a strong supporter of bike commuting with free E-bikes that employees can borrow, showers, sheltered bike parking, Jobrad and more. In addition to the health of our employees, this is also good for the planet – everyone benefits from less traffic, noise and pollution.

More about it

Biking to work
Despite our hilly surroundings, many employees commute to work by bike. 
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Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary
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The management approach and its components
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