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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

Our sustainable working environment

Take a look at VAUDE’s working environment and discover the surroundings in which our products are developed. With a modern and sustainable office concept that was optimized for communication at our company headquarters, we have the best conditions for innovative and future-oriented work.

Our headquarters in Tettnang-Obereisenbach

  • Our company grounds, the "VAUDE Campus", nestled in the green foothills of the Alps, are home to the workplaces of almost all of our approximately 650 employees.
  • Our administration building primarily cosists of open-space offices designed in accordance with the latest sustainability criteria.
  • In the VAUDE Manufaktur production facility, employees work in the welding shop, sewing shop and administration. You can find out more about our on-site production here.
  • Our large logistics center is the field of activity for several specialized teams and a total of around 100 employees.
  • Retail directly on site – The VAUDE factory outlet has grown steadily. It’s in high demand and employs almost 50 dedicated salespeople.

Working in harmony with nature

With the goal of creating future-oriented and healthy workplaces for our 600 employees, we have created modern, environmentally-friendly office concepts, a green campus, a climbing wall, an organic canteen and much more. As a sustainable outdoor supplier, VAUDE is thus able to practice its brand values ​​at our own company building.

Want to come for a visit and experience VAUDE firsthand? The team of our VAUDE Academy for sustainable business is looking forward to hearing from you.

A completely ecological, “green” campus

Our campus-like inner courtyard with sweeping green areas was designed taking our biodiversity concept into consideration. The center of the inner courtyard is a ten-meter-high climbing wall that offers the many climbing enthusiasts amoung VAUDE employees a sporting challenge.

Right next to it, a large wooden terrace invites you to relax and work or have lunch outdoors.

VAUDE outdoor area

100 % organic, 100 % good taste - our organic canteen

An attractive working environment also includes good catering. In our certified organic canteen, "Mittagsspitze", employees and external visitors can enjoy tasty and healthy meals every day. Most of the ingredients are sourced from organic farmers in the immediate vicinity. Since 2021, we have been focusing on vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Natural wooden furniture creates a cozy atmosphere. As a lively social hub for the company, the canteen also offers the opportunity to meet coworkers from other departments with whom there may be little professional contact. Given the size of our company, which has grown considerably, this is very important for the team spirit that characterizes our corporate culture.

Our administration department: a sustainable building with DGNB certification

From 2012 to 2014, our main building, including the inner courtyard, was rebuilt and completely renovated. The objective was to provide sufficient space for our rapidly growing workforce. In addition, our workspaces were to be designed in such a way to promote direct communication, social exchange and creativity and reflect our culture of trust. The aspect of sustainability was decisive in all of this – with regard to people, optimal conditions for the health, well-being and effectiveness of employees had to be ensured, and the highest standards of environmental compatibility also had to be met.

The entire reconstruction was carried out in accordance with the strictest ecological criteria. The result is a "Green Building" with DGNB Silver certification, in which all aspects of sustainable construction were realized, such as the use of ecological building materials and a maximally energy-efficient building structure.


More on VAUDE's Silver certification and the DGNB evaluation system.

Examples of ecological awareness can be found everywhere. For example, the carpets were made from recycled abandoned fishing nets that pose a grave danger for fish in our seas. Walaba wood from Surinam, which is retrieved from a dam, was processed for the wooden terrace. This dam contains huge amounts of high-quality wood, which in the coming years, unused and rotting, would release climate-damaging methane gas.

Needs-oriented and productivity-promoting working environments

Untreated wood, flood lighting and open design concepts characterize the new working spaces: modern open-plan offices with many private spaces, meeting rooms, communication areas and lounges.

VAUDE working world
VAUDE working world

The work stations are equipped with high quality, ergonomic, height-adjustable desks, sophisticated lighting and soundproofing measures.

In addition, special equipment based on each area’s needs was added. For example, the windows in the product development department are made from true-color flint glass, which makes it easier for the designers to assess the color of the materials.

»We wanted to create an optimal working environment that responds to the individual professional and personal needs. The new premises foster communication, creativity and teamwork.«

Antje von Dewitz on the objective of the remodeling work

Changing working environments – moving forward with the times

In the years since our major rebuild, our teams have once again grown to such an extent that we need more space. At the same time, our present day,  is characterized by a fundamental change in our work culture and organization. After VAUDE began offering the option of mobile working many years ago (read more here), digital and location-independent working became the new norm for office activities since the Corona pandemic. In order to meet this development, we launched a program in 2021 to design the "New Working World at VAUDE."

An essential part of this is our "Raumkultur" project, this which also addresses new ways of using our office space. From flex workplaces to screened rooms for virtual working and environments that promote personal exchange even more explicitly, we are examining ways to make the best use of the available space. With professional party support from the Konrad Knoblauch GmbH we have been working on concepts for dynamic spaces for every form of work since 2022.

The VAUDE Manufaktur production facility

VAUDE has a clear commitment to the production site in Tettnang-Obereisenbach. Since the founding of our family business, some of our products have been manufactured directly on site. The premises and equipment required for production have been expanded and optimized several times over the years. In 2015, after our former production building was destroyed by a lightning strike, we rebuilt a new manufactory building in accordance with strict environmental aspects.

This gave us the opportunity to optimize our manufacturing capacities, to further expand our "Made in Germany" production and to provide modern and healthy workplaces in the manufacturing area as well. Above all, the wooden construction method and plenty of natural light are paying off in terms of the well-being of our employees. Nevertheless, we are continuing to identify optimization needs and, since the workforce of our factory has grown to about 100 people, we carried out additional construction measures in 2022, for example, to improve sound insulation and for larger sanitary facilities and changing rooms.

More on our Manufaktur and Made in Germany production

VAUDE Manufaktur outdoor
VAUDE Manufaktur
Our production building includes workplaces for sewing, welding and administrative activities.
Our production building includes workplaces for sewing, welding and administrative activities.

Our logistics center as a workspace

Almost all goods from our manufacturers in Europe and Asia arrive in our high-bay warehouse and are transported from here to our customers in the specialized trade. Employees use electric high-bay stackers to move hundreds of cartons every day. In the shipping department, customer orders are packed together, for which employees, supported by modern electronic picking systems, cover long distances on foot every day. A lot of planning and administration is done from office workstations. We deliver up to 5,000 parcels a day from our logistics center. In order to ensure pleasant working conditions for the approximately 100 people employed here, we are in a constant process of improvement. For example, sanitary facilities were renovated and enlarged in 2021. Among other things, improved ventilation systems and a new partial level for office workplaces were carried out in 2022.

VAUDE logistics

Sales on site: Our factory outlet

Since our factory outlet was founded in 1992, it has developed from a sales space intended only for employees and their families into a large, professional outlet store that is extremely popular in the region. Now almost 50 salespeople work here in a wide variety of working time models to cover the opening hours from 08:30 - 18:30, six days a week. In 2021, we took this into account by making not only the sales rooms, but also the premises for employees, such as offices and break rooms, more spacious and attractive in an extensive renovation of the factory outlet.

VAUDE factory outlet after renovation
As a counterbalance to the lively work routine in customer contact, the quiet, tidy atmosphere of the new break rooms allows us to recharge our batteries. This means we are quickly fit again so we can give our customers our full attention.
As a counterbalance to the lively work routine in customer contact, the quiet, tidy atmosphere of the new break rooms allows us to recharge our batteries. This means we are quickly fit again so we can give our customers our full attention.
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