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2018 Sustainability Report
published 2019/08/01

Time spent at work is also time spent living

We are committed to making (y)our world a better place. One important component of pursuing our vision authentically is the integration of well-designed employee workspaces. All of us spend a large part of our day at work. Time spent at work is time spent living! As a value-driven company, we are committed to a partnership-based approach on equal footing with our employees that takes their needs into account. We regard this as an important factor for happiness and satisfaction, creativity and corporate success. For our employees, this means collaborative thinking, decision-making, and working in an environment where they feel comfortable.

Finding it hard to believe? Here are a few "hard facts"

  • In 2017 we received the Soul@Work Activity Award for our commitment to promoting mental health and quality of life in the workplace.
  • We are proud of the low turnover rate we've had for years – in 2018 it was 5.97 %.
  • 200 events are open to all employees as part of our "Auszeit" health management system.
  • In our corporate feedback program "Steps", 62 ideas were submitted in 2017 and jointly developed.
  • Our employees use our Social Intranet ("Camp") for a lively and intensive exchange.
  • Our "VAUDE Employee Barometer" employee survey, which we conducted in December 2018, provides us with differentiated feedback from all departments.

Want to know the specifics?

Read on to find out more about our commitment

Successful together

VAUDE employees can become actively involved and participate in the company in a number of ways. We believe that well-informed employees who participate in internal company communications will become more motivated and competent.

Within our culture of trust, we communicate transparently regarding as many operations and decisions as possible throughout the company, sometimes via company-wide events, but primarily using our internal communication platform Camp. This platform offers many ways for our employees to participate actively on issues and to contribute their own content.

Idea Management Program: “Steps”

With our new idea management program Steps, employees can quickly and easily contribute their own ideas and suggestions by publishing them on Camp where every idea is welcome to be shared and developed.

The transparent process of review, development, implementation or rejection is supported by 13 company trained "idea coaches" and provides each employee the opportunity to join the discussion and participate in the realization of their ideas.

Low employee turnover as a positive sign

Turnover is an important metric for VAUDE because it can provide information about employee satisfaction. As a general rule, the lower the rate, the higher the level of employee satisfaction.

The external turnover rate is calculated using the “BDA-Formel” (a formula from the Association of the German Federation of Employers) and is of particular interest to us because it is considered an important indicator of employee satisfaction. In this calculation, relationship between the workforce and employee-initiated departures is considered. During the reporting period, this resulted in a figure of 5.97 % (Status 2017: 5.5 %). With reference to the German average (2013: 14 %*), we can say that our employees are extremely loyal to VAUDE.

Our employee survey documents a high level of employer satisfaction

We regularly conduct company-wide employee surveys. At the end of 2018, we conducted the "Employee Barometer" for the first time in cooperation with the Institut für betriebliche Gesundheitsberatung and the Techniker Krankenkasse.

The differentiated results from this survey, which have been available to us since the beginning of 2019, confirm that in general, the our employees’ level of satisfaction with their work at VAUDE (in comparison with the German average and with selected comparable companies) is above average and that their employer loyalty is far above average.

We are proud of the high level of satisfaction and well-being of our employees and at the same time are happy to take the opportunity to uncover further improvement potential.

For 2019, we are planning appropriate measures on the part of our company health management and personnel development to effectively cover the most important needs.

Future-oriented and sustainable work environment

Untreated wood, plenty of light and open design concepts characterize our working spaces that are tailored to the needs of employees. We carried out a comprehensive conversion and renovation project at our company headquarters in 2015 and have been working in modern open-plan offices with many private spaces, meeting rooms, communication areas and lounges since that time. Each workplace is equipped with high quality ergonomic, height-adjustable desks, sophisticated lighting concepts and soundproofing measures.

In addition, many health-promoting aspects were realized during the remodeling projects See Health Promotion as a Matter of Course

»We wanted to create an optimal working environment that responds to individualized professional and personal needs. The new premises foster communication, creativity and teamwork.«

Antje von Dewitz on the objective of the remodeling work

The entire reconstruction took place in accordance with the strictest environmental criteria. The result is a "Green Building" with DGNB certification, in which all aspects of sustainable building are realized, such as ecological building materials or a maximum of energy-efficient building structure. Read more Future-oriented Work Environment.

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Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary
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The management approach and its components
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New employee hires and employee turnover
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