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2020 Sustainability Report
published 2021/08/02

Truly a joint project

There’s a lot of brainpower behind our Sustainability Report and it is truly a joint effort from an interdisciplinary team.

Our interdisciplinary Sustainability Report team

Every year a large team works on the creation of the VAUDE Sustainability Report. We distribute the issues so that each one is covered by an expert on the subject who is responsible for his or her report content.

Each text is written by an employee who is responsible for that issue within the company. They also analyze the corresponding data. This is how we ensure the technical expertise in our texts. This also means, however, that each section is influenced by the author’s own personal style.

Employees from marketing and communication are responsible for the editing, graphics and design.

The team behind our sustainability report

Left to right:

  • Anika Mauz (Vendor Management), Author of VAUDE in the Supply Chain
  • Anette Schneider (Assistant GL Produkte); Data Collection for Materials
  • Antje von Dewitz (CEO and Marketing Management), Visionary and Report Commissioner
  • Beate Philipp (HR Manager), Author of VAUDE in Germany
  • Benjamin Epp (Marketing Manager), Author of Communication and Customer Satisfaction 
  • Bettina Roth (Head of Quality Management and CSR Supply Chain), Author of Quality Management, About VAUDE, VAUDE in the Supply Chain, Detox Commitment 
  • Birte Steinbrunner (Head of the Materials Team); Author of Materials 
  • Hilke Patzwall (Senior Manager CSR & Sustainability), Author of Products, Environment, VAUDE in Germany, About VAUDE and CSR Standards 
  • Jan Lorch (Chief Sales Officer and Head of Sustainability), Author of About VAUDE
  • Jannik Willauer (Controlling), Author of Sustainable Business
  • Katharina Mildner (Graphic Design), Graphics and Photos
  • Lara Delle (Innovation Management), Author of Materials
  • Lisa Fiedler (Head of the VAUDE Academy), Author of About VAUDE
  • Madlen Bledau-Aicher (Environmental Data Management), Data Management for Environment
  • Pascal Erath (Vendor Management), Data Collection for the Supply Chain
  • Raphaela Riesle (HR Business Partner), Data Collection for VAUDE in Germany
  • Robert Klauer (Head of the TextileMission Project), Author of Microplastics, Biodegradable Plastics, Bioplastics
  • Sabrina Gulde (Online Marketing) Content Management 
  • Stephanie Herrling (Administrative Department CSR Communication) Author of Organization
  • Tracy Flodin, Translation 

Not pictured:

  • Mirjam Becker, Proofreading
  • Clément Affholder (Innovation Manager), Author of Bioplastics

GRI:   102-46
Defining report content and topic Boundaries
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