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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

Transparency across all channels

We insist on transparency and honesty in all forms of communication.

How we reach our end consumers

In order to reach you as our customers, we at VAUDE convey our brand, products and sustainability issues across a variety of communication channels in many different ways, such as PR, social media, newsletters, athletes, influencers, advertising, events, our online store and of course, through our retailers. These include PR, Newsletter, athletes, influencers, social media, advertising, events, online shopping and, of course, our retailers. We take into account the individual cycles of a purchasing decision – the customer journey – in which all touchpoints between consumers and a brand are considered.

digital touchpoints

Revision of our website

Our website is also one of our central means of communication. A few years ago, we noticed that our "Responsibility" section was not seeing many visitors, so we made changes to our online content and integrated sustainability aspects into the heavily frequented product pages more strongly than before. The product pages were also the most visited pages on our website again in 2022 This confirms that it makes sense to supplement product presentation with more ecological and social information – it enables us to quickly and easily provide you with additional information that’s important.

Article detail site

By centrally placing and describing relevant sustainability information, these aspects are clearly linked to the product.


Transparency in the supply chain

The needs of consumers form the starting point for our transparency measures. Studies show that more and more consumers want to shop responsibly. And that they want to contribute to a better world with their purchasing decisions.

We create trust for our brand and our products with transparency in the supply chain; by showing where and under what conditions our products are manufactured, we provide a solid foundation for responsible shopping. Specifically, for each product we provide the name and address of the production site, how long the collaboration has existed, when the last audits or visits took place, and what certifications are available. In addition, we show photos of the production site.

This helps us to show that it’s possible to take on social and environmental responsibility in a global supply chain.

We are using an international awareness campaign to draw consumers' attention to transparency. A coordinated content campaign then provides the line of reasoning and is designed to position transparency as an integral part of our brand.

Social media as inspiration

On Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram we can reach you with impressive nature photography, quotes and messages that speak to our appreciation of the natural world. But we also use social media to share interesting and exciting insights – whether it's a look behind the scenes of working at VAUDE, projects and news of our athletes and partners or product innovations.

In addition, we regularly take a stance on current political or social issues. You can find out about the themes that have moved us and on which we have a clear stance here.

VAUDE climb wall
With images such as these, we can achieve a broad reach and develop a strong viral power for our message. Your reactions (clicks, likes, shares, comments) give us important feedback on the relevance and quality of our postings.

We are also interested in your reactions to our videos on YouTube. Both the developments in the number of subscribers who regularly watch our videos and the average viewing time per viewer are important statistics.


No “greenwashing” in marketing

We take care to avoid greenwashing on all of our communication channels for reaching consumers and trade specialists. This means that we do not use advertising to try to represent our company as greener than it actually is. Instead, our marketing adheres to the EMAS principles: responsible, credible, innovative and transparent.

Informative, transparent and inspirational

We place a great emphasis on values such as honesty and transparency.

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