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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

Antje von Dewitz Leading the Way

Antje von Dewitz is the Managing Director of VAUDE. Members of the Executive Board and Departmental Managers support her in the management of the company. Her father, Albrecht von Dewitz, is an advisor to VAUDE.

VAUDE is 100 percent family-owned. The Board of Partners consists of the founding family, von Dewitz:

Founding family in the Board of Partners

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The Board of Partners is the supreme controlling body for VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG. There is normally a meeting of partners at least twice annually. In this meeting of partners, the following issues are discussed and decisions are made:

  • Discharge of the management
  • Approval of annual financial statements
  • Appropriation of profits
  • Confirmation of auditors

Albrecht von Dewitz as advisor

In a revised version of the partnership agreement, the role of company founder Albrecht von Dewitz as an advisor was formalized in 2014. The task of the advisor is to advise and monitor the management.

Albrecht von Dewitz

Albrecht von Dewitz founded VAUDE in 1974 and passed the company on to his daughter Antje von Dewitz in 2009.

Executive Board spans company divisions

The Executive Board consists of the Managing Director, Antje von Dewitz, and three authorized signatories: Chief Sales Officer and Head of Sustainability, Jan Lorch; Chief Financial Officer, Erwin Gutensohn; and the Head of Product Development and Implementation, Uwe Gottschalk.

In the Management Meeting, all primary strategic issues are discussed and decisions are made on key issues, such as issues of risk management, alignment of company divisions, financing and sustainability strategies. Economic decisions such as budget releases and calculation requirements are also under the responsibility of the management.

Four levels of hierarchy in the management

The management structure at VAUDE consists of four hierarchical levels:

  • CEO with Executive Board
  • Division Heads
  • Department Heads
  • Team Leaders

Seven Divisions, Six Divisional Heads

Six Divisions, Six Divisional Heads

The company is divided into six areas and each area has a Division Head: 

  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • IT (Information technology)
  • Personal und Organization
  • Product development and implementation 

One division head post (Marketing) is filled by the Managing Director Antje von Dewitz in personal union. Sales and Logistics Manager Jan Lorch is also Head of Sustainability/CSR. The VAUDE Sustainability Team reports to him.

Directly under the Executive Board are the administrative departments Corporate Development, Quality Management, and CSR Management. Thus, three members of the CSR Team answer directly to the Board – see also "CSR team as a driving force for sustainability

Division Head Panel as a forum for decision-making

All Division Heads are represented on a Division Manager Panel. Here questions on organizational and operational issues in the company are addressed, especially in the area of personnel and organization, such as job security, job descriptions and the payroll system.