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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

Low-impact outdoor adventures

We need her – our planet. She doesn't need us. Except when we need to protect her from ourselves.

Enjoying and protecting the planet

We love the outdoors – hiking in the mountains, biking through forests, rock climbing, water sports of any kind – whether in summer or in the snow – it’s our absolutely favorite playground. We want to keep our impact low to protect the planet – for ourselves and for our children – and we hope you do too!

VAUDE has supported the German Alpine Club (DAV) for years as a partner, in particular in the field of nature and environmental protection. The DAV is not just a sporting association; it’s also a recognized nature protection association. Environmental education and nature-friendly mountain sports have a high priority in the DAV and at VAUDE. And we want to lead by example in our own courses and events as well.

Enjoying the outdoors responsibly
Anyone who enjoys the outdoors needs to know how to protect it.

How we can all benefit – the planet as well

Alpine landscapes are particularly sensitive natural areas. But also central uplands, tidal flats, and on adventures in the big wide world – if everyone joins in, we all benefit: 


  • Stay on the trails, particularly in moor, forest and meadow areas
  • Avoid shortcuts that cause erosion 
  • Pack it in, pack it out – take your garbage with you
  • Don’t disturb plants and animals (or the cows...)
  • Keep dogs on a leash
  • And very important: Be considerate of others when you’re out enjoying nature – respect paves the way for everyone!

Background info, tips for the various outdoor sports and much more info can be found at the DAV, or the Kuratorium Sport und Natur.

Travel contributes to global warming – how do you actually get to the mountains?

Just imagine: One-quarter of the total energy consumed in Germany comes from travel! And of this, 43 % – the largest share – is for holiday and recreational transport.

Always ask yourself whether you can get something done without using the car – or at least by carpooling. Of course, this includes the daily commute to work as well. VAUDE is setting a good example here – read more here.

Ideas and offers from the DAV on how to get to the mountains in an environmentally friendly way can be found here.

GRI:   302-4
Reduction of energy consumption
GRI:   304-2
Significant impacts of activities, products, and services on biodiversity
GRI:   305-5
Reduction of GHG emissions
GRI:   302-2
Energy consumption outside of the organization
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