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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

If you love the mountains, you’ve got to protect them.

We want to convey our love of nature and strengthen awareness of sustainability issues with our communications.

We are different

Have you ever stepped into a store and been overwhelmed by the huge amount on offer – and then realized that everything looks pretty much the same?

The amount and diversity of outdoor goods on the worldwide market has grown tremendously in recent years; buyers can choose from a large number of brands. Supply is exceeding demand.

In order to be successful as a brand in this state of oversupply, an outdoor outfitter has to either invest heavily in advertising to draw attention to itself or have a unique brand position that is highly relevant to particular consumer groups.

We are role models

We at VAUDE want to make a positive contribution to a better world - that is our vision and our incentive. Our company communications publicize both internally and externally how we do this in specific terms. This allows us to position ourselves clearly as a strong and credible brand. In addition, our status as a role model and the multiplier effect we have on others motivates us. This relates to our suppliers and competitors, to companies in other sectors, to our customers and more generally, to the entire target group of outdoor enthusiasts. We are pleased that we can contribute to raising the awareness of sustainability issues in society.

Let’s talk to each other

We at VAUDE see it as our responsibility to provide you with information. We want to show you the social and ecological challenges that we need to meet in the production of outdoor gear. Furthermore, we want to raise awareness about what each of us can do ourselves - for example, through proper care, repair, or through donation or resale.

Based on our sustainability activities, we provide detailed facts and background information that is relevant to our customers. Would you like to find out more? Or are you missing a certain aspect? Then contact us! We would love to talk to you!

Honesty is the best policy

VAUDE places a heavy emphasis on values such as honesty and transparency. We proactively communicate on issues such as the avoidance of hazardous materials like PVC or PFC (fluorocarbons) in our products. We honestly state how far we are in the development process and which alternatives we use.

And how do we do this? In order to reach all of our stakeholders and to provide them with comprehensive information, we use different media such as our website, press releases, video messages and social media.

Our sustainability report plays a key role in this. After all, it offers you not only a comprehensive overview of our CSR issues but also detailed, in-depth information for those of you who want to know exactly how and where we manufacture our products.

Social Media as Inspiration and Encouragement

We use our social media channels to reach you – in addition to expressing our stance on socially important issues -– with spectacular nature photography, quotes, and messages that reflect our appreciation for the environment. However, we also use social media to provide you with interesting and exciting insights: be it a behind-the-scenes look at our daily business, updates on projects and news from our athletes and partners, or innovations related to our products.

Your daily dose of inspiration on Facebook
VAUDE diversity

With images such as these, we achieve a broad reach and develop a powerfully viral force for our message. Your reactions (such as clicks, likes, shares, and comments) provide us with important feedback on the relevance and quality of our posts.

We are also interested in your reactions to our videos on YouTube. Both the development of the number of subscribers who watch our videos regularly and the average viewing time per viewer are important metrics for us.

You can find informative and inspirational videos on VAUDE’s YouTube channel.
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