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2017 Sustainability Report
published 2018/08/01

Making clothes from trees

Sustainably harvested eucalyptus and beech wood is used to make fabrics for your outdoor apparel.

Simply wood – simply good.

For many VAUDE products, we use TENCEL®, a fiber that is made from 100 % certified sustainable wood and that is 100 % biodegradable.

TENCEL® has moisture management characteristics, feels soft against the skin and ensures cool microclimate. Manufactured from cellulose, the fabric is very eco-friendly thanks to its resource-conserving, closed loop production cycle. Wood you wear it?

Fighting microplastics with TENCEL® Fleece

VAUDE was the first outdoor outfitter to develop a soft and cozy fleece made with TENCEL®. Microfibers that are washed out of TENCEL® fleece fabrics and enter the water cycle is fully biodegradable in seawater and inland waters. This fabric is helping us prevent damage to the planet and marine life.

We used TENCEL® fleece in the Winter 2018 Collection, in our Green Shape Core Collection on the reverse side of fleece jackets and pants and in our innovative reversible vest, in our Trek and Hike Collection and in our Summer 2019 Mountain Collection. Read more about it here.

TENCEL®: silky smooth, breathable and environmentally friendly

The raw material for TENCEL® fiber is cellulose from either eucalyptus or beech trees. These are both natural fibers that are obtained from sustainably managed forests.

Sustainable forestry conserves natural resources. Eucalyptus and beech are also fast-growing trees that do not require fertilization or irrigation.

Tence - Function from nature

Naturally inhibited bacteria growth

TENCEL® fibers are used to make materials with a silky-smooth surface. In outdoor apparel, this fabric transports moisture quickly and effectively away from the body, which keeps you cool and comfortable.

Apparel produced with TENCEL® does not require additional anti-odor chemicals to ensure the product’s high functionality, as bacteria growth is inhibited by the material itself so that odor build-up doesn’t occur.

Sustainable production cycle

TENCEL® is produced in a closed loop production cycle, which emissions are reduced to a minimum. Both water and solvents are completely recovered and reused in the process.

GRI:   301-1
Materials used by weight or volume
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