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2019 Sustainability Report
published 2020/08/01

The VAUDE Academy for sustainable management

We are using our years of solid expertise to support other companies’ transformation processes towards sustainable management and ensure that education for sustainable development is strongly anchored in schools and universities in ways that are both practical and tangible.

Why the VAUDE Academy?

Sustainable management makes companies fit for the future. It’s a pivotal approach to solving the problems created when we cross the boundaries of what our planet can take. It is therefore important that as many companies as possible engage in environmentally friendly and fair operations.

VAUDE has made environmentally friendly and fair business practices its core competency and has been working consistently for over a decade to transform the company holistically and systematically. We are also passing on this knowledge base and our experience.

What is the VAUDE Academy?

  • Inspiration and knowledge transfer: We accompany companies and organizations in the transformation process towards sustainable management.
  • Education for Sustainable Development: We share our experience and expertise on fair and environmentally friendly business practices with schools, universities, voluntary and non-profit organizations and initiatives. We want to motivate people to promote sustainability within their own sphere of influence.
  • Formats: Company visits, workshops, lectures and individual consultations

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»The mission of the VAUDE Academy is to propagate sustainable business practices beyond VAUDE.«

Lisa Fiedler, Head of the VAUDE Academy

Development of the VAUDE Academy as a Social Business

We are designing the VAUDE Academy as a social business. By this we mean a business that has set itself the goal of solving social or ecological challenges using economic means. The focus is on social benefits rather than simply maximizing financial gain. The profit generated is reinvested into the business itself.

Transferred to the VAUDE Academy, this means that we use the fees we receive for our work in supporting other businesses and transferring knowledge to finance and further expand our educational programs for schools, universities, voluntary and non-profit associations and initiatives.

The establishment of the VAUDE Academy is being supported by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment in a two-year funding project starting in late May 2020. Our goal is to ensure that the VAUDE Academy continues to operate on a cost-covering basis after the funding period has passed.

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