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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

Green Shape Core Collection

VAUDE’s Green Shape Core Collection proves that sustainability and performance can live in perfect harmony.

#ecofair #multiuse #unique: Our vision for sustainable outdoor apparel and gear

Our Green Shape Core Collection demonstrates how we see the future of sustainable outdoor apparel and gear.

The apparel, footwear and backpacks make up the core of the larger VAUDE Green Shape Collection for the Winter 2018/2019 and Summer 2019 seasons. These pieces are the embodiment of our most ‘green’ ambitions. They are an expression of our ecological and social values and demonstrate what drives VAUDE as a brand.

Green Shape Core Collection FS 2019

Almost 90 % of the wide range of textiles we use are biobased, recycled or are natural materials. Using environmentally friendly processes and with fair working conditions, they are then made into the most sustainable products VAUDE has on offer.

We are of the opinion that sustainability and performance are not contradictory, but rather create a strong drive for our capacity to innovate.
Here is a detailed summary of how we implement this.

We are increasingly using many of the innovative materials that we’ve developed in the Green Shape Core Collection in our regular collection as well, so that step by step, these sustainable innovations can be applied to all of our products. Specifically, we use biobased buckles for our bags and backpacks as well as the wood fiber fleece and one-layer organic cotton fabric in our clothing collection.

Green Shape Core Collection
GRI:   103-1
Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary
GRI:   103-2
The management approach and its components
GRI:   103-3
Evaluation of the management approach
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