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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

Corn saves coal!

August 11, 2015 – Since 2012, the entire VAUDE headquarters in Southern Germany and all products manufactured there are "carbon neutral". We offset any unavoidable emissions by a compensation payment to a climate protection project of the non-profit organization myclimate. We have now documented this commitment in a film.

VAUDE furthers myclimate project with biomass boilers in China

Our compensation amount in particular supports the "Gold Standard"-climate protection project in the eastern Chinese province of Shanxi which contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions. This region is characterized by the cultivation of corn. The waste, which is the cobs that have been burned so far in the fields, is now used as fuel in new biomass boilers and replaces the traditional coal. The following film offers a comprehensive picture of this project...

VAUDE CEO Dr. Antje von Dewitz

VAUDE CEO Dr. Antje von Dewitz about the commitment:

»It is important for us that the projects in which the money goes are perceived as helpful by the population and that they also benefit from them. We are therefore convinced of the Gold Standard projects of myclimate, because they consider not only environmental but also social criteria.«

After all, this project not only reduces emissions of carbon dioxide, but also improves the air quality in homes and protects the health of families through the substitution of coal by biomass.

Cooking with cobs instead of coal

The revenues from the sale of emission certificates at VAUDE are reinvested into the project, so as to enable the population to acquire high-efficiency gas stoves.

Left: Schematic representation of such a stove (Copyright: myclimate).

More about the way the stove works on the myclimate website.


Project details

Who are the helpers, what happens exactly and why is that a good thing? Here are the answers...

While increasingly cleaner petroleum-based fuels are used in richer regions of China, about half of all households continue to be dependent on air-polluting solid fuels such as wood and coal.

Copyright: myclimate
Copyright: myclimate

The project presented in the film replaces traditional coal stoves in rural households in Shanxi Province by clean gas stoves, which are operated with biomass mainly from corn waste. By substituting coal with biomass not only CO2 emissions will be reduced, but air quality in homes also improves and thus the families’ health.

»The biomass stove saves a lot of money. More financial resources remain for us to spend on clothing, medical consultations and the education of our children. Life has improved greatly.«

Liu Zhihong (user of a biomass oven)

myclimate, Impact Carbon and the China Association of Rural Energy Industry (CAREI) have joined forces to reduce pollution and the strain on people’s health in rural China, which are attributed to the inefficient burning of dirty fuels such as wood or coal to power the households. The partnership promotes efficient and clean technologies throughout China, which can be used in households for cooking, heating and water treatment.

Copyright: myclimate

The Shanxi province is characterized by the cultivation of corn.

Stefan Baumeister, Managing Director at myclimate Germany

Stefan Baumeister, Managing Director at myclimate Germany:

»This climate protection project already reduced greenhouse gases for a total of over half a million tons. It is at least as important to us that we simultaneously improve the health of thousands of women and children, because they no longer have to inhale the toxic fumes of burnt coal from daily cooking. Partners like VAUDE make it possible that many more households can switch to biomass boilers.«


About myclimate

The non-profit foundation sees itself as a partner for effective climate protection – both locally and globally.

By working with partners from industry as well as with organizations and individuals, myclimate wants to shape the future of our world via counseling, education and climate protection projects.

The compensation of emissions is carried out in about 70 carbon offset projects in 30 countries worldwide. myclimate supports projects that use renewable energies, implement energy efficiency measures or reduce methane emissions, and also reforestation and afforestation initiatives. myclimate climate protection projects fulfill highest standards (CDM, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo), which are known to make a positive contribution to sustainable development locally and regionally, in addition to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

myclimate website

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