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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13


EMAS is the Eco Management and Audit Scheme, an initiative developed by the European Union to enable organizations to improve their environmental performance.
ISO 14001

In 2008 VAUDE was the first outdoor company to attain EMAS and ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. Since that point, an independent verifier monitors our environmental management system and validates our environmental assertion along with all therein contained numbers annualy. This includes product goals as well as measures at the company headquarters, such as the use of 100% renewable energy or the use of recycled or FSC paper.


EMAS environmental explanation - contents

1. VAUDE - Our Organization

VAUDE - 100% Family-owned Business

  1.1. Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

  1.2. Our Markets

Our Markets

  1.3. Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain

  1.4. VAUDE CSR Team

CSR team as a Driving Force for Sustainability

2. Environmental Management System

Investing in Environmental Friendliness

  2.1. Our Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy

  2.2. VAUDE Ecosystem

The VAUDE Ecosystem

3. Materiality Analysis (Environmental Aspects)

Material Aspects of "Sustainability Based on Conviction"

4. Our Goals in Detail

Our Goals in Detail

5. Environmental Performance / Environmental Aspects

Protect the Environment

  5.1 Energy Savings

Saving Energy as a Top Priority

  5.2 Fuel

Fuel Still from Fossil Sources

  5.3. Electricity

Electricity from 100% Renewable Energy

  5.4. Heating and Thermal Energy

Heating with Biogas

  5.5. Energy Management

Energy Conservation as an Important Priority

  5.6. Water in Obereisenbach

Water – the Source of life

    5.6.1. Water within the Supply Chain

Water Consumption in the Supply Chain

  5.7. Biodiversity

Why Biodiversity is Important to Us

    5.7.1. Biodiversity Check

Pioneer in the Biodiversity Check

    5.7.2. Biodiversity in Obereisenbach

Natural Diversity in Obereisenbach

    5.7.3. Biodiversity Projects

Supporting Conservation Projects

  5.8. Emissions Overview

Climate-neutral Production at our Tettnang Location

    5.8.1. Emmisions in Numbers

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Detail

  5.9. Waste and Wastewater – Overview

Waste and Wastewater

    5.9.1. Waste in Obereisenbach

Goal: Reducing Waste

  5.10. Transport Overview

Climate-neutral Mobility at VAUDE

    5.10.1. Business Travel

Fewer Emissions from Business Travel

    5.10.2. Commuting

Bike Commuting:

    5.10.3. Mobility Lotto

Incentive Mobility Lottery

    5.10.3. Shipping and Receiving

Half Way Around the World – yet Eco-Friendly

  5.11. Materials Overview

Performance Meets Ecology

    5.11.1. Material Consumption Obereisenbach

99% Recycled Paper

    5.11.2. Made in Germany

"Made in Germany" Product Range

    5.11.3. Packaging

As Little Packaging as Possible

    5.11.4. Material Policy

VAUDE Material Policy

    5.11.5. Bluesign Materials

Bluesign® Percentage Increasing

    5.11.6. Organic Cotton

Organic cotton – Better for People and Nature

    5.11.7. Down

Heat Storage as Light as a Feather

    5.11.8. Recycled Materials

New Clothes from Old Fishing Nets

    5.11.9. Water -repellent Materials

Strategy Against Excessive Chemicals

    5.11.10. PVC

"PVC free" Challenge

    5.11.11. Leather

Leather - a Natural Product - but Sustainable!

  5.12. Product Overview

Respect for People and Nature

    5.12.1. Green Shape

VAUDE Green Shape

    5.12.2. Design

Sustainable Design

    5.12.3. Bluesign Standard


    5.12.4. Higg Index

Higg Index

    5.12.5. Suppliers

Suppliers as Partners

    5.12.6. Use and Care

Product Use and Care

    5.12.7. Disposal

Responsible for Product End of Life

    5.12.8. Hazardous Substances Management

Little Chance for Pollutants

6. Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance as a Top Priority

7. EMAS Core Indicators Overview

8. Environmental Verifier Validation Comments

Umwelterklärung (German)