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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

Safety first !

Health and work safety are important to us; we rely particularly on prevention and training courses for employees.

Avoiding accidents and occupation illnesses

Avoiding workplace accidents and occupational illnesses – that is VAUDE’s primary goal. Therefore we invest in good employee training and safe technologies.

With the help of our streamlined yet effective internal occupational safety organization, we ensure that risks are recognized early and that we find solutions with (preventative) measures.

Professional technical support

An independent specialist for occupational safety and a company doctor advise and support VAUDE in the conception, implementation and monitoring of all fire protection and occupational safety aspects.

Altogether, eight employees are safety representatives who ensure the safety of employees across all company divisions – they are deeply familiar the processes in their division from their own experience, are confronted with the working conditions there day in and day out, and know which problems or dangers arise in the work that takes place. They motivate their colleagues toward safe work practices and immediately inform their managers of any insufficiencies or dangers.

In regular inspections of all company divisions made together with the responsible employee, adherence to regulations and the existence of risks is monitored.

Top-priority: occupational safety and fire protection

The internal coordinator for occupational safety reports directly to the executive management. As a contact person for internal and external groups, she keeps people informed about the entire occupational safety system at VAUDE.

In addition, she moderates the quarterly meetings of the Committee for Occupational Safety (ASA), which is made up of the external Occupational Safety Specialist, the Safety Representatives and the Senior Management, the Head of Logistics Assistants, Maintenance and Manufacturing, the Occupational Health Management Coordinator and the company doctor.


Recognizing potential for physical and psychological hazards

All managers are trained annually regarding industrial safety and health protection. Both legal requirements and safety-related expertise are conveyed. In 2016 this training fully reflects risk assessment for the different areas of activity.

With guidance from the Occupational Safety Specialist, managers also address potential physical and psychological stress at work that could lead to accidents or occupation illnesses.

Vested with this prior knowledge, they discuss specific risks and document results and action needed on the basis of a “traffic light system” with their respective employees. Thus employees gain insight into the risks of their work and can directly participate in the evaluation and establishment of preventive measures. Risk assessment is constantly updated and monitored by means of inspections with the company doctor and the Occupational Safety Specialist.

Signpost and company doctor

Managers and employees are trained in risk assessment so that they can recognize early signs of physical or psychological stress at work and take counter measures. For additional orientation, VADUE makes a “signpost” available on the company intranet for all employees: here typical symptoms of stress are described, each with recommendations for possible assistance that VAUDE offers.

Occupational safety

An external company doctor is regularly available on-site as a contact person. Apart from the prescribed compulsory medical examinations, (e.g. for forklift drivers or childcare employees) a variety of voluntary provisions are offered: health protection for travel in regions with special climate-related conditions, computer monitor vision assistance, employee vaccinations can all be discussed and treated during working hours.

Nevertheless, if health issues arise, employees, managers, company doctor and the personnel department work together to find constructive solutions to remedy causes and symptoms.

No serious industrial accidents

VAUDE introduced a digital Accident Log in 2015. Each injury or accident that occurred during working hours or on the way to work was documented here.

Accidents in total 2015105

Of those, commuting accidents


Fatal accidents


Accidents with physician/emergency service


Of those, commuting accidents


Accidents with lost work days


Of those, commuting accidents


Accidents for which the employers’ liability insurance had to be notified


Most frequent cause of accident

56 cuts (from carboard)

Most frequent accident place

Commissioning (warehouse)

Our goal is to significantly expand the database for the evaluation and interpretation of all data related to occupational health and safety and health in 2016, so that we can measure the successes of our prevention measures. From this standpoint we will be able to report in more detail and more clearly about the situation at VAUDE.

GRI:   G4-LA6
Type of injury and rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days, and absenteeism, and total number of work-related fatalities, by region and by gender
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