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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

Our employees

VAUDE employs 401 people with permanent contracts. 228 of them are full-time employees and 173 are part-time employees.

The majority have indefinite contracts

490 employees are employed at VAUDE in Tettnang-Obereisenbach. We count all individuals with permanent or fixed-term contracts, interns, trainees and regular and temporary employees with marginal employment (mini-job) contracts in this figure. Not included in the calculation are the employees who work at our outlet in Metzingen and at the swimming pool in Obereisenbach, which is leased by VAUDE, as well as all employees on parental leave.

401 permanent employees

Overall, we employ 490 employees – 324 women, 166 men. Working hours for the total workforce corresponds to 383 full-time positions.

Of the 490 employees, there were a total of 401 permanent employees with a permanent contract, including 268 women and 133 men on the reference date of 31.12.2015. 228 of the permanent employees work full-time, 173 employees work part-time. This corresponds to a full-time equivalent of 316.66 employees.

The majority are permanent employees

At VAUDE, the majority of employees have permanent contracts. No freelance or contract workers are used for essential company activities. In 2015, 25 people were employed as supervised workers (contract workers). Of these, eight people were then employed by VAUDE. Another eight contract workers were employed due to employee shortages at VAUDE. There are no significant seasonal variations in personnel at VAUDE.

GRI:   G4-10
Report the total number of employees by employment contract and gender.
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