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2016 Sustainability Report
published 2017/08/01

VAUDE as an employer in Germany

VAUDE attaches great importance to being an attractive, value-oriented employer with satisfied employees.

Satisfied employees are motivated

We listen to our coworkers. We involve them in decision-making processes. We offer an attractive workplace for our employees because employees who enjoy their work ("Time spent at work is also time spent living") are able to deliver their best performance.

Private and professional life: We make nearly everything possible!

VAUDE is dedicated to making (y)our world a better place. It is important to us that our employees can balance their private and professional goals in the best way possible. ("Private and professional life: We make nearly everything possible!")

Culture of trust

Our corporate culture is largely based on trust: we trust our employees and are continuously working toward implementing and advancing our culture of trust. ("A foundation of trust")

Training and professional development:

Personal, social and technical training is promoted on a daily basis at VAUDE – in 2016 with a total of nearly 5000 hours of professional training. ("Training and professional development for all employees")

Diversity in a world that's worth living in

VAUDE benefits from diversity in the workforce. We are convinced of this and promote diversity at VAUDE. This is expressed, for example, by our ratio of women in management that is currently 43.5%.

Health promotion as a matter of course

Our organic canteen, our climbing wall, our occupational health and safety management program, our ergonomic working environments and much more contribute to the health of our employees. ("Health promotion you can count on")

Occupational health and safety

Avoiding workplace accidents and occupational illnesses – that is VAUDE’s primary goal. Therefore we invest in good employee training and safe technologies. With the help of our streamlined yet effective internal occupational safety organization, we ensure that risks are recognized early and that we find solutions with (preventative) measures.