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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

VAUDE Material Policy

Our VAUDE Material Policy expresses our voluntary commitment to avoiding the use of controversial technologies and materials.

Strict parameters "behind the scenes"

While Green Shape is a product label that our customers recognize, VAUDE is also working 'behind the scenes' with strict parameters for product development: the VAUDE Material Policy delineates VAUDE's voluntary commitment to applying "best available technology" (BAT) to eliminate controversial technologies and materials, and to ensure maximum traceability of all materials to their origin.

The sustainability of a product begins with its very concept - see also Sustainable Design. This is when materials are chosen that are as eco-friendly and durable as possible – see also Highly Functional Yet Ecologically Compatible

The strict standards that we apply in our VAUDE Material Policy are also reflected in our Green Shape product philosophy - see Respect for People and Nature.

The "VAUDE Material Policy" is continuously being expanded and updated. In this process we include the opinions of experts from within and outside our industry – such as the Federal Office for Risk Assessment BfR, universities or organizations of civil society such as WWF Germany.

A balancing act for product developers

While the VAUDE Material Policy is "set" as a voluntary commitment, it remains difficult to find the right balance between product performance, price and environmental-friendliness day in and day out.

This balancing act is a challenge for our product developers; more sustainable materials frequently cost more than their conventional counterparts, are usually more difficult to obtain, and are sometimes not as functional either. We need to carefully weigh the best ecological solution with what is acceptable in the market on a daily basis.

GRI:   G4-DMA Materials
Disclosure on Management Approach Materials
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