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2016 Sustainability Report
published 2017/08/01

These are our stakeholders

We are in close contact with a wide variety of stakeholders. In the future we intend to expand our dialogue with our stakeholders even further.

Broad spectrum of stakeholders

To determine the key aspects covered in this report, we have prioritized our various stakeholders. Priority 1 was given to stakeholders with a high impact on our work and/or who are strongly influenced by our work.

GRI:   G4-24
Report the basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage.
GRI:   G4-26
Report the organization’s approach to stakeholder engagement, including frequency of engagement by type and by stakeholder group, and an indication of whether any of the engagement was undertaken specifically as part of the report preparation process.
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Stakeholder Categories Key concern Involvement Priority

Obereisenbach employees

VAUDE internal

  • balance of professional and private life
  • safe workplace
  • adequate payment
  • development possibilities
  • sustainable personnel training
  • trust
  • independent work 
  • good workplace (ergonomics, lighting, industrial safety, fire protection) 
  • health promotion
  • internal communication
  • flow of information, transparency
  • leadership style 
  • clear and meaningful goals 
  • good corporate image

  • employee talks
  • quarterly exchanges
  • meetings
  • operating suggestion scheme
  • dialogue between management and employees
  • intranet
  • employee survey
  • interfaces analysis 
  • SWOT analysis



VAUDE internal

  • regular reporting 
  • reliable figures 
  • easy to understand presentation
  • responsible economies
  • profit expectation 
  • economic performance
  • strong, future-oriented innovation

  • regular reporting 
  • shareholder meetings
  • presentation of company objectives and results 
  • visits to trade fairs

Subsidiaries (sales office Spain, Franchise GmbH, Shanghai office)

VAUDE internal

  • clear goals and objectives
  • reliable communication
  • security
  • stability
  • timely coordination

  • regular reporting 
  • voting
  • timely communication

Suppliers (fabrics and accessories)


  • clear guidelines 
  • timely payments
  • good flow of information
  • adequate quantities and prices
  • procurement management

  • no involvement, since no direct contact thus far
  • establishment of contact by the team materials



  • long-term, collaborative relationship 
  • VAUDE solvency 
  • clear guidelines, flow of information
  • functioning procurement management (utilization, disposition)
  • assistance in implementation of social and environmental demands

  • FWF audits
  • regular visits
  • discussions with VAUDE QC teams
  • annual meetings with the VAUDE production management
  • annual producer assessment and discussions with top management
  • training on labor laws and responsibilities 
  • support from on-site employees



  • compliance with our covenants / agreements
  • regular reporting 
  • reliability- completeness of figures 
  • liquidity test
  • long-term corporate planning 
  • regular, open direct information 
  • risk management
  • information on corporate decision making

  • regular reporting 
  • current communication 
  • bank report
  • annual "Bank Rounds" with a thematic presentation



  • products free from harmful substances 
  • fairly produced products
  • good value for money
  • high performance / quality
  • small carbon footprint
  • modern (stylish) products
  • products that support lifestyle choices
  • transparency
  • credibility
  • transparent production
  • corporate climate
  • anti-corruption measures

  • responsibility for information requests (eg. Facebook, e-mail etc.) 
  • surveys



  • good margins / good discounts 
  • good image 
  • brand awareness / demand
  • high quality
  • credibility of the statements
  • fair personal contact 
  • high level of service (product level, sales support level, sustainability)
  • active sales support 
  • ability to deliver
  • information flow (on sustainability issues)
  • partnership
  • transparent information

  • Benchmarking-study 
  • personal interviews 
  • templates 
  • trade fairs 
  • annual talks with sales representative, division heads, and partially executives

CCC, CIR, Inkota, Greenpeace, WWF, DAV, EOCA

NGO social and environmental

  • transparency
  • authenticity
  • debate on critical topics 
  • partners for expert advice and Marketing (WWF)

  • dialog
  • conferences
  • working groups

Regional council, administrative Disctrict European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
tax office, customs office, federal environmental offices, social insurance


  • compliance

  • contact
  • dialogue
  • ad hoc and project based consultation consultations

bluesign® FWF myclimate, EMAS, ISO, TÜV, DGNB

External audits, monitoring systems

  • collaborations regulated with contracts (service) 
  • credibility
  • fulfillment of legally set objectives
  • transparency 
  • honest commitment 
  • better cooperation between business and producer
  • improvement of working conditions for workers
  • assumption of responsibility by brand
  • cross-brand collaboration;
  • compliance with CoC and the “living wage” 
  • database, reliable figures
  • reduction of climate burden
  • compliance

  • bluesign®: contract, BSSL, Audits, conferences, working groups
  • FWF: annual set Audits,“Performance Check”, CAP annual update
  • myclimate: annual climate balance, various talks, meetings and audits


Associations (with and without membership)

  • exchange about relevant branch issues
  • development of common positions and approaches 
  • expectations on sustainability issue: information source, a pioneer driving force for environmental and social topics
  • cooperation on sustainability aspects on a sector-political level

  • working groups
  • conferences
  • dialogue
  • collaboration

Municipality, county


  • transparency
  • communicative exchange 
  • low emissions (noise, harmful substances, traffic, waste, effluents)
  • business tax revenues
  • active on local issues (biodiversity)
  • acceptance of municipal tasks: Kinderhaus, local pool
  • provision of attractive workplaces 
  • cooperation on transport concept
  • traffic planning
  • local development 
  • economic development
  • environmental protection

  • events in the community 
  • inform community about development at VAUDE 
  • personal contact to mayor 
  • tours of the company 
  • working groups

Government (national, state), politics


  • balancing professional and private life (part-time quota, women in part-time management positions, high birthrate) 
  • diversity, equal opportunity (foreigners, women)
  • mobility concept
  • energy transition
  • sustainability
  • companies in the community (civic engagement)
  • biodiversity
  • Input und experience exchange on economic and sustainability topics

  • dialogue with politicians on a national and regional level

Athletes WWF DAV


  • performance
  • transparency
  • authenticity
  • positive image
  • brand awareness
  • sustainability

  • events
  • dialogue

Institutions (IHK, family net, partnercareer and family)


  • innovative employer 
  • impulse/example
  • attractive employer

  • personal contact within committees



  • reporting transparency

  • contacts
  • dialog
  • interviews

Universities, colleges


  • attractive employer
  • intern positions
  • continued education with external input

  • college contact program

Social institutions e.g. workshops for people with disabilities


  • sustainability: diversity (employees with placement constraints)

  • college contact program