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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

As little packaging as possible

We have optimized sales packaging in respect to ecological considerations. We use primarily recycled cardboard and avoid plastics, whenever possible.

Packaging made from renewable resources

As a general principal, our goal is to reduce packaging as much as possible. In 2014, we implemented new packing guidelines that include ecological requirements for packaging. This is a component of our purchasing contracts and applies to all VAUDE products. Unavoidable packaging should be made from renewable raw materials whenever possible such as paper or cardboard. Packaging materials are divided into two categories: sales packaging and transport packaging. In Germany, packaging laws regulate by law the acquisition, marking and disposal of packaging.

Together with WWF Germany, we have optimized sales packaging such as shoe boxes, labels on products and hangers based on ecological principles.

Bioplastics for durable articles only

We use FSC certified recycled paper and cardboard with few exceptions for all paper packaging. We use bioplastics (made from cornstarch, for example) in consultation with WWF Germany for long-lasting products such as clothes hangers, but not for disposable items such as shopping bags. 

We try to avoid using biodegradable plastics for disposable items. Although these are theoretically biodegradable and can be used for biogas production, in practice they decompose much slower than other organic wastes, thereby blocking conventional composting and biogas facilities.

More improvements with Green Logistics

The packaging materials we use mainly consist of cardboard and plastic foil. New cardboard consists of at least 75 percent recycled material. To protect the merchandise during transport, we also use shrink-wrap. You can find details about the materials we use here

Both materials consume resources such as raw materials, water and energy in their production, and can be disposed of with eco-friendly methods after use. Packaging is one of the issues we are always trying to optimize in terms of materials and technology.
With the internal project Green Logistics, we will optimize our use of transport packaging such as pallets, outer packaging, shrink wrap, etc.

So far, we can only estimate the consumption of transport packaging from suppliers to our headquarters in Tettnang-Obereisenbach, based on the amount of cardboard that we dispose of as waste. Information on this can be found under Waste.

Sales packaging of Made in Germany products

We know the precise amounts of required packaging materials for all products that we manufacture in Tettnang-Obereisenbach. They primarily consist of cardboard. You can find details about the materials we use here.

GRI:   G4-EN1
Materials used by weight or volume
GRI:   G4-EN2
Percentage of materials used that are recycled input materials
GRI:   G4-DMA Materials
Disclosure on Management Approach Materials
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