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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

Satisfied employees are committed and motivated

It is important to us that our employees feel satisfied and comfortable in their workplace. We are doing a great deal to achieving this. On the basis of past experience, we know that both employees and the company benefit and we are convinced that employees who enjoy their work deliver the best performance.

VAUDE encourages employees to take an active part

VAUDE employees can become actively involved and participate in the company in a number of ways. We believe that well-informed employees who participate in internal communication will be strengthened in their motivation and competence.

In accordance with our culture of trust, we transparently communicate as many procedures and decisions as possible throughout company – primarily using our internal communication platform "Camp", but also with internal publications as well as in company-wide events. Our internal online communication platform offers employees many opportunities to participate actively and to contribute their own content.

With our new idea management system "Steps", each employee can quickly and easily contribute his or her own ideas and suggestions by publishing them at "Camp". The process of review, substantiation, implementation and/or rejection is supported and transparently created by 13 internally trained "idea coaches" and provides each employee the opportunity to join the discussion. Since "Steps" was launched in February 2016, the response has been tremendous. Within the first 8 weeks, more than 90 ideas have already been introduced!

Future-oriented and sustainable work environment

Natural wood, excellent light and open-space concepts characterize the new workplaces that are tailored to the needs of our employees. Modern, open-plan offices with ample options for privacy, meeting rooms, communication areas and lounges were created. Each workplace is equipped with high quality ergonomic, height-adjustable desks, sophisticated lighting concepts and soundproofing measures.

Furthermore, many health-promoting aspects were realized with the remodeling. See - Health Promotion as a Matter of Course

»We wanted to create an optimal working environment that responds to individual professional and personal needs. The new premises foster communication, creativity and teamwork.«

Antje von Dewitz on the objective of the remodeling work:

In addition, special equipment based on each area’s needs was added. For example, the windows in the product development department are made from true-color flint glass, which facilitates the work of the clothing designers.

The entire reconstruction took place in accordance with the strictest environmental criteria. The result is a "Green Building" with DGNB certification, in which all aspects of sustainable building are realized, such as ecological building materials or a maximum of energy-efficient building structure. More - Future-oriented Work Environment.

Low employee turnover as a positive sign

Turnover is an important metric for VAUDE because it can provide information about employee satisfaction. As a general rule, the lower the rate, the higher the satisfaction level of the employees.

The external turnover rate is calculated with the BDA formula (formula of the Confederation of German Employers' Associations). It is particularly interesting for us because it is considered an important indicator of employee satisfaction. In this calculation, the workforce is set in relation to departures which were initiated by employees. During the reporting period, this resulted in a figure of 6. 1% (In 2014: 4.5%; German average: 2013: 14% *) Thus, external turnover has increased somewhat. The goal is to continue to keep our external turnover rate low at approximately 5% and thus considerably below the German average.

Among the Top 10 with "Erfolgsfaktor Familie" (Success Factor Family)

As an employer, we are committed to a good employment policy and continually undergo evaluations by independent external bodies. Thus in 2012 we participated in the company competition "Erfolgsfaktor Familie" of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs in which every two to three years, Germany’s most family friendly companies are honored.

More than 350 companies participated in this competition, in which VAUDE made it to the final round of the ten best companies in the category of mid-sized enterprises (up to 1,000 employees).

Employee survey every two years

In order to obtain valid data on employee satisfaction, we carry out a comprehensive employee survey that is evaluated by the independent institute (NPM Institute for Sustainable Human Resource Management) in a total of nine companies about every two years. In five of 23 questions VAUDE was rated as especially good and above average in the 2013 survey:

  1. Knowledge of and identification with the company's objectives
  2. Balancing work and family life - see Professional and Private Life in Harmony. Value is placed on the importance of employees enjoying working for the company
  3. Open and trusting climate - see Culture of Trust
  4. Employee motivation

From the employee survey, a project for the introduction of a payroll system was derived and introduced in 2014.

In 2015, we decided to suspend this employee survey. There were several reasons. Firstly, the University of St. Gallen was leading a study on the state of our culture of trust which came out with positive results: "VAUDE is a trust-based organization". Secondly, we initiated a comprehensive interface analysis across the company. Again, the results were convincing: about 80% of participants are satisfied or very satisfied with their interactions .

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