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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

Making apparel from trees

Eucalyptus and beech wood from sustainable forestry is used to make fabric for outdoor apparel.

Tencel®: silky smooth, breathable and environmentally friendly

The raw material for Tencel® fiber is cellulose from either Eucalyptus or Beech wood. These are both natural fibers that are obtained from sustainably managed, FSC-certified wood growth. Sustainable forestry conserves resources. Eucalyptus and beech are also fast-growing trees that do not require fertilization or irrigation.

Tencel - Function from nature

Tencel - Function from nature

Naturally inhibited bacterial growth

Tencel® fibers are used to make fabrics with a silky smooth surface. In outdoor apparel, this material transports moisture quickly and effectively away from the body, resulting in high wearing comfort.

Apparel produced with Tencel® does not require additional anti-odor chemicals to ensure the product’s high functionality, as bacteria growth and ensuing odor build-up are inhibited by the material itself.

Sustainable production cycle

Tencel® is produced in a closed production cycle in which emissions are reduced to a minimum. Solvents and water are recovered completely and reused in the process.

VAUDE products that contain at least 90 percent Tencel® or a blend with other eco-friendly fibers are allowed to carry the VAUDE Green Shape label.

GRI:   G4-EN1
Materials used by weight or volume
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