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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

Corporate philosophy

Derived from our company vision, sustainable action is at the heart of our value system and our day-to-day operations: from a social, environmental and economic point of view.

VAUDE Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are particularly important for our value-based corporate strategic alignment. We updated our guiding principles in 2014. They succinctly highlight the most important aspects of our philosophy.


THE MOUNTAIN. The exhilaration of the ascent, the peace at the top, the far-sighted view and the
joy of the descent are what drive us.

THE MOUNTAIN stands for the high, clearly defined standards of our products
and, at the same time, for experiencing nature passionately.
We accept the challenges that THE MOUNTAIN presents to us as people and to our

On one hand ‘our roots’ describes where we come from as a company and our company’s purpose; on the other hand, they describe what our most important point of reference is for everything we do: THE MOUNTAIN. It refers both to typical mountain sports activities as well as to a symbol of our connection with nature and the high functional demands on our products. THE MOUNTAIN inspires our actions both in the mountains and in our everyday lives.


Mountain. Nature. Team. Partnership. Fun. Family. We.
VAUDE stands for partner-based interaction with nature and with people.

This value describes the central idea of how we see ourselves as a company, what kind of culture we want to realize, and how we want to treat each other. A key factor in our understanding of values is team spirit. The team spirit that is embodied in a roped team in mountain sports as well as in a partnership, in a family, in the (family-owned) company and also in harmony with nature.


Trends change as fast as the weather in the mountains. Sustainability persists.

We set off on the path becoming Europe’s most sustainable outdoor outfitter so that the people of tomorrow can enjoy nature to the fullest.

We are pioneers along this path, questioning conventions and the limits of what is possible – creating future-oriented products and solutions with sustainable innovations.

Forward to nature! “Driver” describe how we do business and what guides us. We are open for new technologies and new types of sports. We are optimistically looking for solution-oriented opportunities to manufacture innovative, sustainable products.

Corporate Philosophy

In everything we do, we take responsibility towards our fellow human beings, our environment and future generations. As a company that acts sustainably, we focus on long term/sustainable environmental, social and economic objectives.

Responsibility for our environmental footprint

We are aware that our business activity goes hand in hand with environmental burden. We accept this responsibility and are constantly working to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

»We full-heartedly accept our social and environmental responsibility.«

Antje von Dewitz, CEO

To do this, we employ the best available technology (BAT) in an ecological sense. In addition, we work with passion towards innovative and sustainable solutions; we want to be the first to take this path, staying ahead of the crowd and blazing a sustainable trail for others to follow.

Value orientation rather than profit maximization

The strength of our brand and the value of our products is our most valuable resource. Therefore, we at VAUDE focus our guiding principles across the board – and not on short-term profit maximization.

In order to be able to continue this path freely and over the long term, we maintain our financial independence (see Sustainable Business is Worthwhile). Therefore, it is important that we distribute our resources intelligently and that optimize what we have – rather than engage in a constant modernization process.

Guidelines are based on an understanding of values

In addition, many issues are regulated by specific guidelines, based on our understanding of values, such as:

  • Travel Policy: business travel as eco-friendly as possible – see Reduced Emissions from Business Travel.
  • VAUDE guidelines for eco-friendly supply purchases for office, computer, tradeshows and sanitary facilities.
  • Leadership at VAUDE: responsible leadership – management roles and management philosophy.
  • VAUDE guidelines for film briefing (no filming from helicopters, bikers stay on paths, etc.) – see Responsible Communication and Action.
  • Guidelines for VAUDE drivers: Code of Ethics for drivers and thinkers.
  • “Code of Conduct” of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which is included in supplier agreements.
  • Statement of responsible paper purchasing – see Material Consumption.
  • Material Policy: regulation of the use of materials in product development – see Material policy
GRI:   G4-56
Describe the organization’s values, principles, standards and norms of behavior such as codes of conduct and codes of ethics.
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