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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

CSR team as a driving force for sustainability

The members of the VAUDE CSR Team come from a wide variety of company divisions. This ensures that CSR issues are firmly anchored throughout our entire company.

“Upward”, “downward” and “outward” effects

Jan Lorch

Jan Lorch, Member and Sustainability Representative from the Management as well as Chief Sales Officer states clearly:

“We see the term CSR as meaning our corporate responsibility towards people, society and nature, with which we want to establish a healthy balance between our economic, environmental and social objectives. We are convinced that environmental protection always serves people. In the long run, humans will only be able to survive in a healthy, intact environment.”

The members of the VAUDE CSR Team are a point of contact for all employees and business partners for sustainability issues. The CSR team sets priorities and coordinates projects. The team members are well connected with professional associations and working groups within and outside of the Outdoor Industry, as well as having close contact with experts and academia.

The CSR Team is integrated in company divisions

Team members act as sustainability ambassadors in their divisions. Frequent and regular team meetings guarantee close coordination and timely implementation within the company, both “upward” and “downward”.

The VAUDE CSR Team members are representatives from the following company divisions:

  • Management
  • Environmental Management 
  • Quality Management
  • Business Development
  • Material Development
  • Product Development
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Communication

Involvement of employees in the sustainability improvement process

VAUDE employees can be involved in the continual environmental improvement process in the following ways:

1. Integration of the VAUDE Ecosystem program with annual goals in the company's goals: all objectives for the next three to five years are included in our company goals. Eleven out of 17 goals are directly related to sustainability. The company's goals were developed in a top-down / bottom-up process and communicated to employees. A majority of employees work directly toward sustainability goals over the divisional, departmental, team and employee targets. More at Our Goals in Detail

2. Direct contact with the Sustainability Team: CSR Team members are often spoken to directly or notified of an issue via email. They always have an open ear for concerns about sustainability. Those are analyzed and, if necessary, included in the company goals.

3. Our new idea management system, “Steps”, gives all employees a chance to become actively involved in suggesting new ideas and improvements. More at Satisfied Employees are Motivated.

GRI:   G4-34
Report the governance structure of the organization, including committees of the highest governance body. Identify any committees responsible for decision-making on economic, environmental and social impacts.
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