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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

Saying no to forced labor

At our producers, there shall be no use of forced labor for workers – including bonded or prison.

What we require from our production partners

Forced labor and bonded labor must be forbidden at our producers. As an employer they may not retain original documents, wages or bonuses of the workers. In addition, the workers must be guaranteed the right to terminate the employment relationship in compliance with the statutory period of notice. Overtime shall be voluntary.


In the 2015 audits, there were no complaints regarding the issue of forced labor.

Risk at our production facilities in high risk countries

Generally speaking, all of our producers in high risk countries are at risk of using forced or compulsory labor.

In order to determine whether forced labor exists, the FWF examines the following:

  • How are workers recruited?
  • Are legal regulations upheld?
  • Are workers required to pay “deposits” or give their identity papers in order to commence employment?
  • How often are salary payments made? Are there cases of outstanding salary payments?
  • Are employees allowed to move around freely (drink breaks, use of toilets, leave factory premises)?
GRI:   G4-HR6
operations and suppliers identified as having significant risk for incidents of forced or compulsory labor, and measures to contribute to the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labour
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