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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

Few opportunities for harmful substances

VAUDE has been a bluesign® System Partner since 2011 ensuring a clean Collection with no harmful substances

Limits lower than required by law

Our declared goal is to ensure product and consumer safety for all product groups. A solid understanding of the use and mode of action of chemicals as well as regulated procedures and responsibilities help us achieve this goal.

All procedures and measures concerning the management of harmful substances are regulated in our “Harmful Substances Management” manual. These include:

Harmful Substances Management Manual
  • Systematic approach
  • Ensuring due diligence 
  • Communication along the supply chain 
  • Risk analysis 
  • Feedback 
  • Emergency plan for product safety 

Multi-stage concept with materials

Material and supplier selection is one of the most important components of our management of harmful substances.

We use a multi-stage concept in material selection:

  • Stage 1: Supplier selection - preferably bluesign® System Partners, compliance with our restricted substance list (RSL)
  • Stage 2: Examination of available material certifications (for example, bluesign, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, etc.) by means of existing certificates and test reports 
  • Stage 3: Compliance with the VAUDE Green Shape Criteria
  • Stage 4: Random sampling in manufacturing (based on risk assessment)
  • Stage 5: Random sampling of stock (based on risk assessment)

This multi-stage concept supports our claim that VAUDE products are made with environmentally-friendly production and minimal use of harmful substances in accordance with the Best Available Technologies (BAT).

Super-strict limits with bluesign®

bluesign® technologies has developed an approach that tackles the problem at its roots. Instead of considering and analyzing only the end product, bluesign® deals with the production process of each individual component of a product.

Green Shape

VAUDE Green Shape products: regulated to the last detail

The VAUDE Restricted Substances List (RSL) is the basis of the business relationship for all materials used. This RSL regulates the use of critical substances in our supply chain. It is based on the bluesign® technologies’ “System Substances List" (BSSL).

For the limits and the banning of individual substances listed in the RSL, VAUDE goes far beyond the legal requirements (REACH) and the requirements of other textile standards.

82 percent of our producers have signed our RSL. In addition, 83 percent * of the material manufacturers for our apparel segment have signed our RSL. We are still in discussions with those producers and material suppliers who have not yet signed the RSL.

Suppliers must provide test reports

Each supplier and producer must confirm that they meet the required limits in the RSL - and also demonstrate this with test reports. For our partners we have arranged a VAUDE Harmful Substances Test Program with a renowned testing institute.

More about it: Risk Analysis in Producers' Supply Chains

GRI:   G4-DMA Consumer Health Safety
Disclosure and Management Approach Consumer Health and Safety
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