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2021 Sustainability Report
published 2022/08/01

Rent your gear: VAUDE iRentit

Rent gear and travel bags and protect the environment while conserving resources and the contents of your wallet.

A new, innovative and sustainable service

Ever thought of using gear without needing to buy it, store it and take care of it? Using the sharing economy to share products with others while protecting the environment?

With iRentit by VAUDE, we’re making it possible: just go online to rent quality outdoor gear and travel bags.

VAUDE gear rental - here's how it works:

You can rent gear directly online. Read on to find out how!

After it’s been used, the rental gear is assessed by the professionals from our Repair Service to ensure it’s ready for the next person who wants to rent it.

Whether you’re headed out on a bike tour, trekking adventure, camping holiday or a mini-break in the city, we’ve got rental gear for your trip. You can see the products we have to rent

Sharing is on-trend

The sharing economy is part of a global, societal megatrend. Ownership is continuing to lose importance. More and more people are recognizing the advantages of targeted, on-demand use – without having to purchase products themselves.

The reasons are obvious – you often only need bulky gear a few times; it requires storage space, which is often at a premium, especially in urban studio apartments. Another advantage is that you can try new outdoor sports without having to buy all the gear for it.

»We not only want to develop sustainable products, we’re also looking at new sustainable business models. That’s why with iRentit by VAUDE – we’re offering an opportunity to rent a range of gear such as bike bags, backpacks, tents, sleeping pads or travel bags at a low cost, to enjoy its functionality and then return it, so the next person can experience their next adventure with it.«

Hilke Patzwall, Senior Manager Sustainability VAUDE

iRentit by VAUDE – a contribution to environmental protection

By renting out high quality VAUDE gear in our stores, we want to prevent gear from lying around in storage and make it available to multiple users. The program will help us conserve resources that are used for production and waste when the product is only used sparingly. The rental concept iRentit by VAUDE is another component in our sustainable business strategy.

GRI:   301-2
Recycled input materials used
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