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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

VAUDE statement on the military coup in Myanmar

March 19, 2021 – We condemn the military coup of February 1, 2021 and support the people of Myanmar in their peaceful protest against the arrests of the de-facto head of government Aung San Suu Kyi and other leading politicians. Military violence against the people of Myanmar must end and all political prisoners must be released.

Together with multistakeholder initiatives, other brands in the outdoor and textile industry, and our production partners Tah Hsin and NSG in Myanmar, we are working to ensure that workers and trade union representatives can fully exercise their right to demonstrate and demand the restoration of democracy and the rule of law. We are also committed to ensuring that jobs and occupational safety are maintained at our production partner facilities.

Since 2003, VAUDE has had some of its products manufactured in Myanmar by a longstanding Taiwanese partner. Since 2019, we have been working with another Taiwanese partner in two additional production facilities in Myanmar where other products are manufactured for us. All production sites are audited by Fair Wear on a regular basis

We are in close contact with our partners and are receiving regular updates on the local situation. There has been no impact on our production facilities thus far. The textile industry is an important economic sector in Myanmar, which secures the income of many families. In order to preserve these jobs and support the local people in their dedication to democracy, we are committed to Myanmar as a production location during the current crisis.

VAUDE has signed the joint statement of the Clean Clothes Campaign and FEMNET and supports the joint statement: "Response of EU and US garment, footwear and accessories goods buyers to the crisis in Myanmar" of the Fair Wear Foundation and other multistakeholder initiatives.

Statement: Jan Lorch, VAUDE Head of Sustainability