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2020 Sustainability Report
published 2021/08/02

Forever yours! Consumption that’s more sustainable with VAUDE

January 20, 2020 – Under the motto "Forever yours – give our products a long life" we give our customers specific tips on how they can use our products as long as possible.

Tips for a long product life

What makes a product sustainable? How can we reduce the burden that using products places on the planet? What does conscious consumption mean? These questions concern us here at VAUDE and are the reason why we are constantly refining our criteria for sustainable products and developing measures that promote sustainable consumption behavior.

Consumption that’s more sustainable

Consumption is more than just purchasing products. It also includes using, repairing, recycling and disposing of them. By becoming aware of the effects of our consumption behavior on both people and the planet, we can selectively modify it. We see this as the shared responsibility of each individual as a consumer, of us as a company, and of the politicians who can create the framework for success. This is the only way we can promote sustainable development and make the best possible contribution to preserving our planet.

Repair Café by VAUDE

Our motto is: Consume Consciously. Question your consumption habits. Become informed about products. Maintain and repair them when necessary and make sure that they remain in use for as long as possible. This conserves resources, reduces energy consumption and, last but not least, saves money that you would otherwise spend on new products. More


Forever Yours – tips for a long product life

We create products for use in the outdoors.

They should fulfill a certain function, have a well thought-out, timeless design, be produced in an environmentally friendly and fair manner and, above all, last as long as possible.

After all, durability and long-term use are the decisive factors when it comes to ensuring that sustainably manufactured products develop to their full potential and contribute to the conservation of resources. Good maintenance and the ability to be repaired are important prerequisites for this.

In concrete terms, this means for us: we make sure that our products are both easy-care and robust, and that components subject to wear are easy to replace. We offer spare parts and repair instructions, and have an in-house repair service. We also cooperate with the online platform ifixit and the Repair Cafés, so that if something is defective, our products can be repaired quickly and easily through as many channels as possible. And when you’re done using a product, you can make someone else happy by reselling or donating it.