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2018 Sustainability Report
published 2019/08/01

Full transparency! Our new sustainability report is online...

August 1, 2019 – As a large joint project, we compile a comprehensive sustainability report every summer. In this we ensure transparency down to the smallest detail and provide deep insights into our work and the enormous motivation behind our sustained commitment.

Why are you doing this? Are you really that green? Environmentally friendly & economical - it doesn’t really work, does it? We often hear such questions. We asked ourselves questions about the meaning and necessity of sustainability more than 10 years ago, and our answers are clear: there is no way around it. We only do it entirely or not at all. And yes - it does work, as an environmentally friendly company to be economically successful.

Our point of view is: As a business enterprise, we have an impact on the environmental, social and economic conditions in which we all live. To preserve our planet as a basis of livelihood and to avoid social inequality, we need to rethink, consciously change our actions, and be guided by nature and the common good.

»Sustainability is no longer about the question: Is this necessary? - but how quickly can companies manage to acquire sustainability competence? Because that's exactly what determines their future viability!«

Antje von Dewitz, CEO VAUDE

Sustainability is a team sport

In our opinion, sustainability only works if we overcome obstacles and pull together in a globalized world. What makes us very positive in this regard is that we are increasingly hearing the question from many sides: "How exactly do you do that?" This shows us that a major rethink is taking place at the moment and the topic is coming more into the focus of public attention. We are happy to share our wealth of experience in direct exchange with politicians, associations, and companies from a wide range of industries and to pass on our knowledge. 

»We want to set impulses and show how it is possible to understand sustainability, not as a necessary cost-intensive evil, but as a strong innovation driver.«

Antje von Dewitz, CEO VAUDE

How does it stand so poignantly on the posters of the children and students demonstrating for more climate protection? "There is no planet B." or "Acting instead of talking!" That's why our motto is: We act!

We are aware that we are part of the problem and environmental burden generated by the textile industry and we take the urgent need to act very seriously. We do not wait for legal regulations, but do our part voluntarily and actively to seek solutions. The road to sustainability is a continuous process, where we have already achieved a great deal while there is still much to do - so we will continue to do so consistently and look forward to inspiring you with our sustainability report and our actions.

Best regards and have fun clicking through!
Your VAUDE team

Reporting year 2018

Our sustainability report is always written in the middle of the year, looking back on the achievements of the previous year, and giving us insight into the goals and challenges that we still want to tackle. In doing so, we create the greatest possible transparency and explain comprehensively what we are doing in terms of environment and social affairs - and internationally comparable, according to the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In the course of the year, milestones and novelties are published regularly in our News section.