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2021 Sustainability Report
published 2022/08/01

Fair Wear Brand Performance Check 2021 – VAUDE’s "Leader Status" confirmed once again.

July 15, 2021 – In its annual Brand Performance Check, Fair Wear has confirmed VAUDE’s Leader Status for the 7th successive year. Leader Status is awarded to manufacturers from the textile industry that achieve the highest possible category due to their high level of commitment to compliance with social standards in the supply chain.

The Brand Performance Check covers issues relating to working conditions, fair wages, occupational health and safety, etc. A team of experts carries out the review, which investigates how producers are paid, whether training measures to improve social standards are implemented, and how specific complaints from individual employees are dealt with.

Faire Löhne

Partnership during the pandemic

"This year, there was a particularly close look at how we behaved toward our supply chain partners during the pandemic. Our cooperative approach to our producers during the pandemic was positively highlighted." said Anika Mauz. She deals with challenges along the supply chain on a daily basis and, together with the VAUDE team in Supply Chain Management, is committed to maintaining high social standards and a spirit of partnership with these partners.

VAUDE was very deliberate in its decision to not cancel any product orders from its manufacturers during the Corona lockdown when retail shops were forced to close. Instead, delivery dates and payment targets were redefined jointly with suppliers, always with the goal that both sides would be able to bear the changes well.

»Long-term business relationships are important to us, as this is the only way we can make a difference together. In each country, we have our own employees on site who speak the local language and support our producers in their continuous improvement of social standards.«

Anika Mauz, VAUDE Supply Chain Management
Faire Arbeitsbedingungen

It was once again confirmed that VAUDE has a very high level of commitment to positively influencing fair working conditions and the observance of a living wage in the supply chain. At VAUDE, 100% of all producers are monitored by Fair Wear and with its excellent rating of 87% in the benchmarking score, VAUDE is maintaining its high standards.

You can find the full report on the current Brand Performance Check here.