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2022 Sustainability Report
published 2023/08/01

EMAS and ISO 14001

Holistic, systematic, consistent: VAUDE's environmental management is certified according to the strictest standards. We report openly and honestly on progress and challenges.

Environmental protection as a corporate goal

At VAUDE, environmental protection is an essential part of our corporate values and goals. We work holistically and systematically to minimize the ecological effects of our products and our business activities.

To this end, environmental protection concerns must be integrated into all operational processes. Investments must also be made in technical improvements. In addition, VAUDE employees in the CSR team work on environmental and social issues with defined job percentages in their specialist departments. More on the VAUDE CSR Team here

Certified Environmental Management System

EMAS is the Eco Management and Audit Scheme. As one of the European Union’s environmental initiatives, it creates a binding framework for the improvement of corporate environmental protection.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized and implemented standard for environmental management systems. The standard was published in 1996 by the International Organization for Standardization and last amended in 2015.

VAUDE EMAS certified since 2008

In 2008 VAUDE was the first company in the outdoor industry to introduce an environmental management system in accordance with EMAS and ISO 14001. Since that point, an independent environmental verifier has reviewed our environmental management system and validated the VAUDE environmental statement, including all figures contained therein on an annual basis. Every three years, re-certification takes place in accordance with EMAS and ISO 14001 standards.

To be EMAS certified, we must disclose our environmental objectives and report on the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our activities. At VAUDE, the corporate and environmental/sustainability strategies and the goals derived from them are identical.

EMAS has convinced us: This management system helps us to holistically and systematically analyze all of our environmental aspects, to regulate our corporate responsibility for environmental protection aspects clearly, to derive goals and measures that take us forward in a continuous improvement process, and to make an annual assessment with an independent verifier about whether we are on the right track.

EMAS certification also covers the mandatory energy audit.

EMAS Environmental Statement and core indicators

Below you will find the content of the VAUDE EMAS Environmental Statement and links to each page in our comprehensive sustainability report, which is published annually online. EMAS is a component of this Sustainability Report.

Please also note the "Related Articles" on each page linked here!

VAUDE is equally committed to its economic, social and ecological responsibility. As a sustainably innovative mountain sports supplier, it is important to us to protect the "playing field" of our customers and employees: nature. 

We are committed to long-term, sustainable use of nature and active environmental protection:

At our headquarters

  • through resource-saving management in administration and production
  • through the use of renewable energies and investments in the conservation of biodiversity 

With our products and suppliers

  • through innovative, environmentally friendly materials and recycling
  • through environmentally friendly production processes 

In our industry and in society 

  • through active environmental policy in professional associations and joint environmental protection projects with competitors 
  • through cooperation with environmental associations, universities and public projects such as the German Sustainability Code

Our environmental protection activities go far beyond the legal requirements. We are continuously expanding our commitment to the environment. VAUDE's environmental policy is an integral part of our corporate strategy and environmental management is a top priority at VAUDE.

Measure and evaluate environmental aspects annually within the Materiality Analysis, which we perform for the reporting in accordance with the GRI Standard.

VAUDE places a high value on environmental protection throughout the lifespan of its products in the product development stage. VAUDE Green Shape is our own standard for this.

We place the highest demands on material quality, both in terms of durability and in terms of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and the careful management of chemicals.

VAUDE takes full responsibility for its supply chain – whether in Germany or Asia. We challenge and support our suppliers.

This is our company headquarters – “green” in location and “green” in conviction.

We produce waterproof, HF-welded, PVC-free classics such as our panniers at our headquarters in Tettnang.

Energy management makes sense – not just from an environmental viewpoint, but also from an economic viewpoint.

We do not consume process water for manufacturing at our company headquarters. However, it is still an important issue.

Thanks to strict laws and good management, waste and wastewater pollute the environment here in Germany less than in many other countries. Microplastics are also a part of the problem.

No habitats = no biodiversity. Why biodiversity is important for VAUDE.

Our headquarters in Tettnang is climate-neutral.

Business travel, commuter traffic and merchandise logistics produce noise, air pollution and climate emissions. Information on the VAUDE Mobility Concept can be found here.

Key environmental figures, data and facts at a glance. To download, "Downloads" at the right.

Environmental protection is fully integrated into our corporate strategy, objectives and measures.

At VAUDE, environmental aspects are integrated into everyday operations. We carry out regular inspections and audits in our Quality and Environmental Management Program and Occupational Safety Program. We monitor criteria and process quality of the VAUDE Green Shape Concept, the quality Gates for materials and products and energy management, for example.

We carry out an annual Management Review with all department heads and senior management in which we monitor whether our environmental management system is working, what special findings, structural, organizational or technical changes were made in the past year, examine all key figures and what we want to focus on in the upcoming year. The results of this review are included in the annual corporate goals process.

Instead of a separate printed Environmental Statement, we publish this overview with links to related pages in our comprehensive GRI Sustainability Report as a part of our EMAS certification. This conserves resources – paper and working hours.

As part of the EMAS certification, an independent environmental auditor reviews our environmental performance annually who confirms that we have complied with EMAS regulations with a validation certificate (German).