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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

Product use and care

The degree of a product’s environmental friendliness also depends on its user. As a producer, we have little influence over users’ behavior. But we want to provide expert information and set a good example.

Usage phase crucial for the climate footprint

VAUDE has limited influence on users’ conduct with our products – in the outdoors and on their way to the mountains, and also how they wash and care for their gear at home.
However, the greatest percentage of a piece of outdoor apparel’s ecological footprint most often originates during this usage phase – either directly from washing and drying, or indirectly from travelling, for example. 

We provide information and raise awareness of what we as consumers and product users can contribute – see Creating Awareness with Sustainability Communication

In terms of resource consumption during the usage phase of a VAUDE product, maintenance plays a vital role. We provide users with detailed instructions for product care. These are accessible online, as well as sometimes attached directly to the product, for example on the sewn-in care label or included in a booklet that comes with the product.


  • Wash as often as necessary, as rarely as possible – less is more! 
    Re-waterproof rainwear when the beading effect wears off - preferably with a fluorocarbon-free waterproofing agent. Follow the care label and instructions.
  • Air out clothing after wearing it.
  • Follow recommended washing temperatures: 30 °C is usually warm enough for functional clothing. This conserves energy and water and protects the product.
  • Carefully wash out stains by hand.
  • Wash only when the machine is full.
  • Functional clothing does not require ironing; this saves energy and time.
  • Choose eco-friendly detergent and use it sparingly.
  • Avoid tumble drying, unless it is needed to reactivate water repellent products – see care label. This saves energy, and extends the functionality and lifespan of the VAUDE product.
  • Use economy programs when washing. Modern washing machines use less water and energy.
  • More information and detailed care information: or on the VAUDE-Homepage.

We recommend Nikwax products for cleaning and maintenance. They are environmentally friendly because they are waterbased, solvent-free and fluorocarbon-free.

Repair rather than disposal

VAUDE is proud of its high quality and durable products. They are dependable, day-to-day companions, and are manufactured for intense use. Nevertheless, minor defects or wear occasionally occur.

Many products can be easily repaired. We operate a competent customer service and Repair Service at our Obereisenbach location. Retailers and end customers can send in their VAUDE products to be repaired. Read more at Product Guarantee.

Our goal is to repair and continue to make useful even more products with the help of clearly defined repair decision criteria in our VAUDE Repair Handbook. Products that cannot be repaired but essentially still “work” (such as when a zip on an inside pocket no longer functions but the jacket is otherwise in good shape) are donated to FairWertung, an umbrella organization of non-profit organizations. For more information see Recycling & Disposal.

Second Use - as good as new. Just better for the environment.

And if your closet is overflowing? VAUDE products usually make excellent second hand goods and are gladly seen by second or third hand users as donations, gifts or used clothing sales. As users, we contribute to extending the usage phase of the product – and therefore its sustainability.

VAUDE supports private resale of used products at a Re-Commerce platform at eBay. More about this at End of Product Life.

Conduct in the outdoors

All nature-lovers who enjoy the outdoors should ask themselves what they can personally do to contribute to the protection of our environment. Packing up your own garbage, leaving protected plants alone, staying on the trail, avoiding disturbing animals or causing erosion should be a given for every outdoor-fan.

Responsibility in the great outdoors

When participating in outdoor recreation, everyone should pay attention to protecting nature.

VAUDE is setting a good example in this area: by organizing our own mountaineering courses and with the support of our partners who promote environmentally friendly behavior in nature. For example, WWF Germany, the German Alpine Association (DAV) and the Federation of Nature and Forest Kindergartens.

Mobility under the threat of climate change - how do we get to the mountains?

A quarter of the total energy consumption in Germany is attributable to the transport sector. And of this, 43% - the largest share - comes from holiday and recreational transport

Always ask yourself whether you can get something done without using the car – or by carpooling (such as with It not only saves resources, it’s also more fun. Of course, this includes the daily commute to work as well. VAUDE is setting a good example here – more at Eco-friendly Transport.

GRI:   G4-EN4
Energy consumption outside of the organization
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