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2016 Sustainability Report
published 2017/08/01

Sustainable VAUDE Design

Design lays the foundation for the sustainability of a product. Whether a product can be repaired and recycled is decided during the design phase.

40 years of passion for mountain sports

Our products open the door to experiences, unforgettable adventures, peak performances, to emotions, to mountaineering, to happiness. In this sense, we see ourselves as designers of emotion!

For over 40 years VAUDE has stood for passion and enthusiasm for mountain sports. The mountain, representing the heart of our business activity, stands for the high demands we place on our products.

Forward to nature!

Today, in the face of advancing climate change, our planet and our mountains are showing the fragility that we’ve long underestimated. The mountains are telling us that it is time to re-evaluate. It is time to step up and take responsibility, to change course so that our children’s children can experience the wonder of this planet in the diverse and fascinating form that we know today.

VAUDE has been taking on this responsibility for many years. As Europe’s most sustainable brand, we are a pioneer, challenging conventions and pushing the limits to create forward-looking functional products and sustainable solutions through innovation: Forward to nature!

VAUDE design means sustainable design

Design guides our brand; it shapes our identity and our appearance. At the same time, our identity also guides our design. They are interdependent and only together can they develop the magic that captivates and inspires people. For our products, for our brand, for the lifestyle that they represent.

VAUDE design means sustainable design – striving to find sustainable solutions for innovative products, using new materials, ensuring repairability and focusing on what is actually essential, the material. It means recognizing what is senseless or superfluous. Sustainable design also means: differentiating between the market and the competition.

»In your daily work as a designer, you are responsible for no less than 80% of the cost – initial and subsequent – of a product. During the design phase, the course is set as to how sustainable a product can be. Decisions are made about whether a product can be repaired, reused or recycled.«

Mario Schlegel, Design VAUDE

Guiding principles of VAUDE Design

  1. VAUDE Design is clear and functional. It leads to products that perfectly meet their core requirements, that are understandable and intuitive.

  2. VAUDE Design is timeless. During the design phase, we want to lay the foundation for products that will be used for years. Even if trends and fashions change, the appreciation of our timeless and durable products endures. High quality materials and workmanship is the basis for a long product life. At the same time, we need to deal with potential conflicts that arise when the demands placed on a product limit its ability to be repaired.

  3. VAUDE Design is sustainable and innovative. The search for eco-friendly materials and processing techniques is always our guide: materials that consume as few resources as possible, that last as long as possible, and can be disposed of without a trace at their end-of-life.

  4. VAUDE Design is authentic and embodies the Spirit of Mountain Sports.

  5. VAUDE Design follows natural principles. It is inspired by nature, reflects nature’s wealth and is in itself an evolution in the natural sense.

VAUDE Design is a toolbox of possibilities. It shouldn’t be taken as a rigid regulative document, but rather as a code of practices that demonstrates the relationship between the outdoors, people and our brand, in order to help spark inspiration for one’s own creativity. Read more here

GRI:   G4-DMA Products and Services
Disclosure on Management Approach Products and Services
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