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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

bluesign®: the strictest textile standard worldwide

The bluesign® system is like an ecological purity law: only materials are used that do not have a negative impact on people or nature. VAUDE has been working together with bluesign® technologies ag since 2001.

"Clean" materials manufactured with resource-efficiency

Since 2001, VAUDE has been working together with bluesign® technologies ag. The bluesign® system is the world’s most stringent standard for environmental protection and consumer safety for textile products. It can be compared to an ecological purity law: only materials are used that do not have a negative impact on people or nature.

As a bluesign® system partner, our goal is to manufacture our entire textile collection in accordance with the bluesign® system.

The aim of the bluesign® system is the greatest possible efficiency in the use of resources. bluesign® technologies ag monitors and optimizes the use of energy, water, raw materials and chemicals throughout the supply chain. In addition, emissions and waste water as well as the handling of hazardous substances are regulated in the workplace. 

Limits lower than those prescribed by law

With "Input Stream Management", the bluesign® system ensures that only "clean" components are used as resource efficiently as possible. This results in clean, safe and environmentally friendly products.
The bluesign® system guarantees that no "substances of very high concern" (SVHC) according to the European REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) are contained in the products. In general, limit values for harmful substances in the bluesign® system are lower than the legal limits and also lower than those of other textile standards. 

The bluesign ® system is a component of Green Shape

The bluesign® system is an important component of the VAUDE Green Shape criteria. When a product meets the bluesign® criteria, it is usually given the Green Shape label. 

One important exception consists of water repellent materials treated with fluorocarbons. The bluesign® system allows for the use of C6 technologies. However, for our Green Shape products, the use of fluorocarbons is not allowed. Learn more about Green Shape here.

Production processes in the supply chain are taken into consideration

bluesign® technologies ag works with a concept that addresses the problem at its roots: Instead of considering only the finished product and analyzing its chemical substances, bluesign® technologies ag monitors the upstream production processes of the components (fabrics, yarns, chemical additives such as dyes, etc.) of a product. 

VAUDE Tettnang-Obereisenbach and our major supplier VAUDE Vietnam are bluesign® audited and ISO 14001 certified.

All input and output streams are examined. Only materials that meet the stringent bluesign® criteria find their way into the production cycle.

Over 900 harmful substances on the radar

The strict bluesign® limits help to protect consumers, protect the environment and conserve resources. Within the bluesign® system, over 900 limited or prohibited substances are also monitored.

VAUDE took all of these substances and their limits and created its own Restricted Substances List (RSL) .

bluesign ®technologies ag supports us, but also requires further development

The bluesign® system distinguishes between two quality levels: 

  • bluesign® approved: This label identifies certified production components such as fibers, yarns, fabrics and accessories which are used in the supply chain for the production of outdoor products. 

 New here is that the bluesign® system has become much more stringent in this regard: until the  end of 2015, outdoor products such as raincoats were allowed to carry this label when they were  made from at least 90% bluesign® certified materials. Now these finished products may no longer  bear this label. 

  • bluesign® product: This label identifies finished outdoor products such as soft shells, jackets or pants made from bluesign® approved production components. Such products reach a very high level of safety for the consumer because they were manufactured with a minimal impact on people and nature as well as under the highest responsible use of resources.

This strict criteria of the bluesign® system are quite a challenge. At the same time they raise the bar and inspire the entire textile industry to strive for even greater efforts in environmental and consumer protection.

Details on the percentage of bluesign® certified suppliers and materials can be found here.

GRI:   G4-DMA Materials
Disclosure on Management Approach Materials
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