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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13

bluesign® materials are first choice

The bluesign ® system is a component of VAUDE Green Shape: only eco-friendly and/or certified materials are used.

"Purity Law" for textiles

The bluesign® system is like a purity law for textiles - only materials are used that do not have a negative impact on people or nature. More on the bluesign® system here.

The bluesign® system is an important component of the VAUDE Green Shape criteria. For VAUDE Green Shape products, we use exclusively eco-friendly and/or certified materials.

VAUDE manufacturers a very high proportion of bluesign® system certified materials in the collection. These are indicated in the description of the article in our online shop and in all ordering documents.

New bluesign® rules as of 2015

The new bluesign® system rules no longer permit a bluesign label / product hangtag to be directly on the product. VAUDE therefore eliminated the use of this label starting with the Winter 2015 Collection. All VAUDE products that meet the Green Shape criteria are instead provided with the Green Shape hangtag: bluesign® approved materials are allowed for Green Shape.

VAUDE designated a very high proportion of the materials used in our products, in particular all primary materials. This means that we tell our producers which materials it should purchase from which suppliers. Our producers purchase a few materials such as yarns, bands, linings, buttons, etc. independently. To calculate the total number of our material suppliers, we calculate an average with an undesignated supplier for each product area. Overlaps in several product areas occur.

The proportion of bluesign® system certified fabrics in the Apparel Collection:

The proportion of bluesign® system certified fabrics in the Apparel Collection

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bluesign® system integrated into Green Shape

The VAUDE label for sustainable products is Green Shape. The criteria are strict and comprehensive. The bluesign® system is fully integrated into the Green Shape criteria. 

Starting with the Winter Collection 2015, we once again revised the Green Shape criteria:

  • For one, we expanded it cover all phases of the product life cycle in addition to the choice of materials.
  • Secondly, we expanded it to cover other environmental standards and materials that exist alongside the bluesign® system and are increasingly becoming established in the supply chain. These include Oekotex STeP, ISO14001, natural materials such as wool and functional materials which are produced in countries with consistently high environmental and social standards, such as Japan. 

The "competition" through these other standards and certifications in VAUDE product development means that the calculated proportion of bluesign® system in the clothing collection is becoming smaller.

Proportion of bluesign®systemartners in our material suppliers 2015 & 2016

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GRI:   G4-EN1
Materials used by weight or volume
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