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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13




Abbreviation for Corrective Action Plan; this records the discrepancies/complaints after an audit.

  Category A species

German category for endangered species, usually isolate, mostly unstable or acutely threatened occurrences, for which conservation assistance is needed immediately. 


Clean Clothes Campaign, an NGO founded in 1989 that advocates for the improvement of working conditions in the international textile and clothing industry and in the sporting goods industry. (Clean Clothes Campaign) 


The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives and of free marketability in the European Economic Area. 


Christian Initiative Romero e.V. is an association founded in 1981 with headquarters in Münster, which campaigns for labor rights and human rights in Central America. (CIR) 


Unit of CO2 emissions, pronounced “carbon dioxide equivalents.” 


Code of Conduct, a set of rules for certain behaviors. As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, VAUDE complies with their strict CoC. 


Code of Labour Practices, used by the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF).  

  Cost Break Down (CBD)

Cost breakdown is the systematic process of identifying the individual elements that comprise the total cost of a good, service or package. 


Refers to clauses and collateral agreements in credit agreements where the debtor is contractually committed during the contract period. 


Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, a U.S. law that regulates product safety. 


Chromium VI compounds can form in leather tanning and are considered allergenic, in higher doses as a carcinogen. With due diligence in the tanning process, chrome-VI compounds can be avoided. 


Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the corporate responsibility for humans, society and nature with which we want to establish a healthy balance between our economic, environmental and social objectives. 

Read more: CSR team. 

  Cubic Inches (cu in)

A measured size of volume; used for down fillings, which roughly corresponds to 16.40 cubic centimeters.