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2015 Sustainability Report
published 2016/07/13




German abbreviation for German Association of Environmental Management e.V., an environmental initiative founded in 1984. (B.A.U.M.)

  Balanced Scorecard

A concept for measuring, documenting and monitoring the activities of a company or an organization in terms of its vision and strategy. 


Best Available Technology, the term corresponds to the concept traditionally used in Germany of "Standes der Technik“ (SdT). 


The berufundfamilie GmbH, (career and family) founded in 1998 by the Hertie Foundation, compiles all of the foundation’s activities in one area. (beruf-und-familie) 

  Better Work

Better Work is a Program of the ILO (International Labour Organisation) that provides assistance and training to production facilities in the textile and apparel industry for the improvement of working conditions.

  Biodiversity Check of the EU Business & Biodiversity Campaign

Developed by the Global Nature Fund and other organizations. This audit serves as a first orientation to identifying impacts and dependencies of the different divisions of biodiversity. (Biodiversity Check) 

  Biogenic emissions

Biogenic emissions are emissions that emanate from nature. Examples: volcanoes emit sulfur dioxide, methane is produced in the digestion of cows. 

  bluesign® system

The world's strictest textile standard for environmental protection and consumer protection in textile production; VAUDE has been working with bluesign® since 2001. (bluesign®) 

  Brand Performance Check

The Fair Wear Foundation annually assesses how well VAUDE is meeting its strict conditions for membership. To this end, the execution of the Works Plan and the results of the audits are evaluated using a point system. The BPC is published at the FWF’s website. 


German abbreviation for Federation of German Sporting Goods Industry, which represents the interests of sporting goods manufacturers, importers and wholesalers in Germany. (BSI) 


Abbreviation for “bluesign® System Substance List ", a list of all substances prohibited or limited by the bluesign® system.


German abbreviation for the "Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany e.V.", an association founded in 1975 that is committed to the protection of nature and environment. (BUND)