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2016 Sustainability Report
published 2017/08/01

Pioneer in Biodiversity Checks

In a comprehensive audit, we assessed our impact on biodiversity - and implemented concrete measures.

Biodiversity concept systematically implemented

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VAUDE is one of the very first companies to carry out the Biodiversity Check as part of the EU Business & Biodiversity Campaign. In October 2010, the entire executive committee and many of our managers came together under the guidance of the Bodenseestiftung to identify the impact of our business activities on biodiversity. We also wanted to know how we, as a company, benefit from biodiversity and what steps we should take to protect it.

Expert concept systematically implemented

We then commissioned an external consultancy agency to create a Biodiversity Concept for our Tettnang-Obereisenbach location, and have gone on to systematically implement the measures they drew up.

We have already planted bushes and fields of wild flowers, re-naturalized a stream and put up nesting boxes. We also regularly eliminate the aggressive, non-native "Himalayan Balsam" on our premises and will be greenifying our façade. Raising awareness among our employees and business partners on the issue of biodiversity is also included in the concept.

Nest box

VAUDE’s commitment to promoting biodiversity is an integral part of our EMAS certified environmental management system. We know that in addition to our company premises in Tettnang-Obereisenbach, other corporate sectors also have a great impact on biodiversity – especially those in our supply chain.

Potential negative effects in the supply chain

Direct negative effects can arise in our supply chain - such as the sealing of surfaces and through this a loss of habitats. However, indirect displacement effects may also occur. For example, the cultivation of certified raw fiber prevents the clearing of rain forests, and yet when this cultivation competes for food and fodder production it then, in turn, forces small farmers of the region to clear rain forest to compensate for their loss.

Our goal is to have greater impact on the supply chain

However, until now we have had little influence on biodiversity in the supply chain. Indirectly, we are trying to avoid negative influences through the use of environmentally friendly materials that are chosen in accordance with our Green Shape criteria.

Our goal for the future is to also include suppliers in our biodiversity concept. To do this, we hope to formulate approaches that we have developed in the Biodiversity Check that provide us with concrete objectives, measures and indicators which will allow us to measure our success.

GRI:   G4-DMA Biodiversity
Disclosure on Management Approach Biodiversity
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